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  1. Emrys

    LTSB / Apex

    Will use the 2nd address as I think I have already written to the first at some point. Many thanks. Am also going to write to Apex informing them as such as you suggest.
  2. Emrys

    LTSB / Apex

    Hi there. I wrote to them via snail mail on every occasion. 4 letters to date. I wrote to their Collections Centre in Brighton from which they write to myself each time. I cannot tell if they have reversed all charges as I no longer have online access to this account as they have closed my account they tell me and handed the outstanding balance on it to Apex now. Do you know of the correct postal address to where I can direct my official complaint please? There are a lot of addresses purporting to be correct on the internet. I read somewhere that once you 'acknowledge' a debt with a recovery firm it only effectively then becomes a live one so to speak? Hence, wondering do I deal with Apex or continue to badger TSB through an official complaint possibly as you rightly suggest. Your idea of writing to Apex advising them I am in the process of dealing with this officially etc. is a good idea. Which route do you suggest my friend?
  3. Emrys

    LTSB / Apex

    My current account with Lloyds TSB has been handed to Apex for recovery with a balance of just under £700. I have written to TSB on several occasions advising them that I have no phone to call them on as I can only afford line rental for my internet access at present. Now the question is do I acknowledge Apex by issuing them with an offer of repayment? Their letter requests I make contact within the next 10 days as they require or deal only with TSB, who to date have ignored my complaints and letters totally, instead simply sending me a default notice etc. This all began when I took out a £1000 loan with TSB back in July 2012, unfortunately I lost my job and wrote to them stating such. Initially, they slapped a load of charges on my account and then mysteriously removed them! It has been a long process and I also took it through the FOS who were a waste of time to say the least! Useless. When I took out the TSB loan I asked would it affect my £650 overdraft and the TSB lady told me in no uncertain terms that my loan arrangement was not in any way affected by taking this loan out. When I lost my job I attempted to up my OD by a mere £100 or so to help alleviate the situation temporarily to enable me to affect my loan repayment for a few months but it was blocked. So taking out the loan DID in fact affect the flexibility of my overdraft at that time therefore. So at present, I owe TSB for the loan (am awaiting for them to respond with my offer of payment I sent last week for this), AND my existing current acct balance has been transferred to Apex and my TSB acct effectively shut. Any help would be great please. Am fed up with this totally. I have had no definite reply from my initial complaint to TSB.
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