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  1. I was informed on Friday that my Firstplus loan has now been rescheduled following a Successful PPI claim. Does anyone know how soon after the rescheduling will I receive my cheques. I have been told to contact on Wednesday if I had not heard anything but just wanted to know what sort of timescale I was looking at. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I have just sent my specimen signatures to firstplus following on from us signing our acceptance forms. We are now enduring the waiting process of cheques but my question is with modern technology could firstplus pay our redness straight into my bank account instead of a cheque???. Should I ring them and ask them???
  3. Hi. Has anyone had any experience of reclaiming ppi through Firstplus. I have recieved the acceptance forms and posted them back with the reassurance they will pay within 28 days by cheques. Is this the case or am I in for the long haul.x
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