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  1. My elderly neighbour of 83 was "cold called" by Tivium and led to believe by a sales lady that she could have double glazing fitted and wouldn't have to pay anything other than £299.00 for an assessment which she immediately gave a cheque for. I happened to be with her when the assessor arrived a month later and when I queried this so called Green Deal it was clear that she would have to pay for any works "upfront" so she cancelled the visit immediately. Had she know this in the beginning she would never have agreed to an assessment as she lives on the State Pension and could never afford the outlay. She wrote to Tivium's London registered office asking for a refund but they sent an unsigned letter a couple of weeks later refusing saying it was outside the 14 day cooling off period. She has written again to Tivium Ltd but does not hold out much hope. I have contacted several organizations and our MP to try and find some redress for her but from searching the internet I see that she is not alone in being caught in this [problem]. Surely there must be a way to stop this company operating in such a manner and deceiving other vulnerable people.

  2. Thank you very much indeed for posting this item.


    I am sure it bought some small comfort to all of us who have suffered with Leeds Leisure Vehicles and their subsidiary group of crooks. What a pity the sentence was suspended.....if only he could have shared a cell with one of his past customers!

  3. My heart goes out to you!


    There are so many of us that have suffered it remains a mystery to me how they continue to operate.


    I wonder if it is worth getting in touch with one of the investigative TV programms and showing them this thread?


    Please do leave very frank reviews on Yell and any other sites that you can find to warn others before they fall into their web of deceit.


    Have you reported your history of events to trading standards. They may not be able to do anything to help you at this stage but the more people who report these crooks the sooner they may be made to suffer themselves.


    I think we should all write to the Companies that supply them with vehicles to alert them to the fact that they are dealing with frauds and charlatans. It need only be a brief letter but again, the more their evil ways are exposed the closer they should be to retribution.

  4. My heart goes out to you


    Trading Standards appear to be "toothless tigers"!


    Leeds leisure Vehicles also trade under/share the same VAT number/Director or address as some of the following:


    The One Stop Gold Shop Ltd

    Active Special Vehicles Ltd.

    Cordoba Leisure (see article 15th June 2010 in EPR Automotive News)

    Cordoba Gold

    Hippo Automotive Ltd


    I swear that I aged 10years because of this company and hope that this information is of some use to others out there caught in the same nightmare!


    Do leave a frank review on Yell.com and anywhere else you can find.


    Good Luck All!

  5. Has anyone else apart from Myself and BrianM had any problems with Leeds Leisure vehicles?

    I bought a Toyota campervan from them in Nov 2012 and it didnt even get me home when the gearbox went. Even though they assured me they would take care of the bill there has been no payment and it is becoming increasingly obvious they have no intention of paying. :-x

    The people at Leeds Leisure are a total disgrace who operate/have operated under many different company names and laugh at the police/AA/Trading Standards. They are well known to trading standards as there are many others who have suffered because of them. I finally got my money back under section 75 from my bank and thanks to advice from my local Citizens advice Bureau but it took many weeks of stress and a lot of research. Do keep detailed records/photos of ads/emails/problems etc. if you can. It seems small claims courts are pretty useless because even if you win there is no guarantee that you will get any money back.


    Keep fighting!!!

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