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  1. I would rather pay the £300 to get them to leave me alone for the time being while the charges gets sorted out/investigated yes, thanks so much for your help unclebulgaria. Really just wanted to know how I can find out if what they are charging me is as you say legal, and while it appears its not, if I at least pay the £300 I can get them off my back while I sort it out, trust me that £300 is not an amount I can give up easily, specially seeing as its my little boys birthday next week.
  2. Yes it was. I am a bit loathe to phone the council, as I said when my best friend went through this she begged and pleaded with the council as she had no money to pay what they were asking, and the council did nowt. Thanks for your help so far guys.
  3. Hi thanks for your reply, I dont dispute the ticket at all, I didnt realise I was parked in a place where you werent supposed to, only after getting back to the car did i notice the sign. It was issued by a council (notts county). So the problem I have right now is I have the money, do I pay it (hes very kindly letting me off £70 for todays visit!!!) and fight it after or move the car and fight it? I know they are only going to add on more charges if I dont pay the £300 today. I have a little boy at home and I dont really want him witnessing all this (hes 4) I just want it out of the way. Just to add I dont think they have levyed the car, I have had nothing in writing to confirm this, and 100% not levyed on anything else.
  4. Hi, as an agent myself, call your local office, they WILL agree a lower rate for you, we have to do it fairly often.
  5. Hi, Just a view from the other side (as a agent myself) yes he has made a mistake and he should have double checked everything, but did you not check the agreement you were signing? It should have been £300 (the loan) therefore if you had £330 in your hand then something had gone amiss (especially seeing as you cleared the last loan with the new one). We are self employed, therefore that money that he has over paid you will come out of his own pocket, what I would suggest is calling and offering him an amount you can afford, its a big fear of mine giving someone too much money! Hope you sort it out.
  6. Hi, I know there are loads of the same threads but I could do with some advice quickly (pretty please, as they want the money by 5pm) Had marstons at my door this morning, blocking my car in, demanding I pay £300, or they will take the car (not even mine, but is still registered as my address as its the ex's) for one parking ticket, now I can get the money they want, but after some reading up, it seems a bit excessive, originally liability was £90. By best friend went through all this a few years ago so I do know more than most, I didn't let them in, I said I wanted a full breakdown of charges, and he said he could tell me them, they only bit which i was unsure of was £126 for van fees, like I said I have done some reading and am struggling to find out how much they can charge for a van? If anyone can help that would be great and as tempted as I am to try and get the debt back to the council I dont want to live in fear for the next few weeks until that happens.
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