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  1. with respect to personal emails - absolutely not, whilst they may have contained personal details as i get on with all my suppliers they were business based - besides i can prove the company are aware of others sending emails out in company time that are not business related and they are not being victimised. as for personal purchases - technically yes i did - but the company authorise me to make private purchases for other members of staff in company time - the only difference is that i paid for mine in cash whilst the others put it through the company books to avoid vat and i have documen
  2. I am saying constructive dismissal as there is a complete breakdown of trust between both parties.Yes i have a diary of events that indicated what was said. i have witness's that are not prepared to stand up as they fear for their own jobs - which i have in email form as evidence. i taught the others in my office to do the job they are doing. my emails are being monitored but not my colleague who does the very same job. I am blamed for mistakes but my colleague is not. I was blamed for another manager seeking help with his job and even he says that is complete crap!! I was publicly chastised f
  3. having been there for over 18 years i am the longest serving member of staff the company has, they are deliberately targeting people to get them out to avoid redundancy pay as the company are in trouble financially their aim is to avoid paying out redundancy pay. other people have been moved around for example the senior works foreman has in effect been demoted to goods inwards clerk. the same thing has happened with the production manager. one of these has now been told his job is no longer viable and is being made redundant. i feel they have bullied me out so as to avoid paying out redundanc
  4. I worked for the same company for 18 1/2 years but during the last 2 years i had 3 line managers, the last being female and nothing short of a witch. As far as i am concerned she was nothing short of being a bully. She would say my work was wrong, she would blame me for mistakes made by others, she started to monitor my emails, she threatened to sack me twice, she accused me of wasting company time, sending personal emails in company time and told me the company could not trust me. When i complained to a director i was told nothing could be done. when i previously made a grievance report over
  5. i need some help and advise with a constructive dismissal claim, so is posting a thread here the right way to get some advice?
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