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  1. Your right, I don't know why I'm so worried about this. l'm just scared the fleet manager will deny it though?
  2. Theres nothing, but I've been informed if the car ever breaks down I am allowed to use the account for the a hire. The fleet manager said use the credit account for hire firm he gave me authorisation. Now as the invoices have been produced and they are quite high, I have a strong feeling his acting like he didn't know?
  3. Hi All, Ill make this quick, don't want to bore you all, and thanks for anyone who advised. My company car broke down and I hired a car using my companies credit account with a hire firm. The car then went into service three days later and another car was hired, it went in for some serious work so it took 3 - 4 weeks. I spoke to the fleet manager who was aware of this problem, but I have received email over the last four days, and they are under the impression they had no idea I was using the company account. Im very worried, I am shacking I might loose my job over thi
  4. Isn't that due to retailers such as Currys, and Comet offering poor customer services such as the likes of Amazon? Price difference is another discussion on its own. E.G. I rather buy a new TV from Amazon rather than Currys due to the amazing customer service, and return policy if it's not fit for purpose. Secondly it's Parking issues no? Why should I pay riddicloous parking when it's free / cheaper on the shopping centres? Thirdly it's choice, again the retailers don't push. I can easily find a new outfit from one specific store E.G. Next/Bank from the likes of Westfield
  5. Sorry to hear this. Recently had an issue with Orange / EE myself and got the issue swifyly resolved by sending an email to executive. office@orange.co.uk
  6. I can confirm this Shells new V Power Nitro+ fuel is so much better. I was having engine knocks to my car and a sound I was told its the cheap fuel Asda and Tesco sell and it can only be fixed by using higher Octane fuel. I started on Shells 99 Octane fuel and believe me when I say my car is a different animal altogether! Good luck !
  7. Hello, Thanks for that. Correct me if I am wrong A parent company is when a company is a majority stake holder of the other company becoming a parent company? So I have to SAR Shop Direct Group for the info and SAR NDR separately am I correct ?
  8. hello Do you have an update on this?nI have a strong feeling ill be taking Shop Direct Group to court soonn....Would love an update! Thanks!!! Good Luck!
  9. Update on this? Been reading up on this...very interesting as my littlewoods account has been sold to Capquest... GOOD LUCK!!
  10. Hello WHere did you find this information ? ITs not showing up on COmpaines House website? Thanks
  11. Hello All, Have HUGE confusion about NDR, is it owned by Shop Direct Ground? Basically....I got my SAR from Shop Direct Group, and not all my charges are on the account I think as some where applied by NDR.....NOW.... I contacted Mr Brandon Wong at Shop Direct Groups' Data Protection Unit who said "NDR is a third part company not owned by Shop Direct Group, therefore I should contact NDR about any charges applied as the debt has been sold to them" Also from there website https://www.ndrmoney.com/pages/terms-and-conditions This site is operated by Nationwide Debt
  12. Dear All, Shop Direct Group have sent me their SAR and I am going to claim back all the charges. I will keep this thread updated, for anyone out there who is going to fight back! If this means going to court, I will. I hate Shop Direct Group, there just money making scums...and i'm the idiot for falling for them.... I will post back later with the spreadsheet of my claim to date. I hope we all as a community can claim of these scums, I can't stand the way these guys treat us. Its worse than any bank or credit card company out there! Good Luck too all claiming !!
  13. Dear All, I currently have a student account with Natwest, with a £1,500 limit which is maxed out. Cut the long story short, when the Natwest Systems crashed last year I was due to receive a payment of £1,850 but it was not reflected on the account due to the system crash. Natwest kindly credited my account with the £1,850 into my account. A few months later, Natwest misused my account £1,850 leaving me in well over £3,000 overdraft as they said they have not seen the credit come into the account which was supposed to. ( I am in the process to find out, if the cred
  14. Just spent the last 3 hours reading, and just saw this post! I feel so confident that I can battle this! I am popping a recorded delivery letter to Captial One tomorrow and I will attach a copy on this form for people who may peruse Capital One with there charges! Just one thing I do not understand, from my research it shows I can for a "non compound" interest of 8% and not the 39.9% which I have agreed to? Please explain someone, understand everything apart from this. Thanks! Thanks Guys!
  15. I am going to do alot of reading tonight and post back tomorrow with any questions I have. I feel like I can't do this now, just seems too hard and complicated. I am scared I will have to go court, I cant represent myself because I am not a lawyer and I cant afford an lawyer....Captial one might of won me over :'(
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