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  1. hi there, thanks for your advise. Went to Noddle and checked report, it went back to 2003 and there was no mention of Lloyds and i had no judgements. Shall i send the Statute Barred letter now? should that be the end of it then?
  2. Hello, first timer here. I got a call from Global Debt Recovery last Wednesday, i confirmed my name etc and then was told that they were acting for Lloyds Tsb, and that i owed £5323.41 plus interest of £3518.49 accrued over the last 10 years. I admit that i had a Lloyds account, but when i moved away in 2000 i opened another account with another bank and things have been good, i thought that i had got my life together. I had payed off several old debts through various companies and had had no correspondence with Lloyds at all, even though i had a redirection of mail when i moved. I assumed that maybe the debt had just been written off, but then 13 years later i got this bolt from the blue. I received a letter on Saturday with details of the debt and a computer screen print out apparently supplied by Lloyds, with the address on it that i lived at 13 years ago. Should i try to find a lump sum or make a payment plan or just offer them a lower amount?
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