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  1. thanks for providing this, looks like a long read
  2. 7k offered in Full and final on a number of occasions and in most recent weeks, they've suggested that only a figure x5 this amount could be put forward to their client
  3. Firstly on jurisdiction. The T&C's attached to the claim or printed directly from the banks website. The bank has in fact merged and changed name since I originally signed the credit card agreement. They have certainly not provided the original T&C. Secondly, I am not aware if they are relying on any particular clause in the agreement concerning legal fee costs and at this point the actual agreement has not been provided. There is a lot of paperwork attached to the claim but only one piece is relevant to me being a signature on an application page. It looks like a cut and paste job lot for the claimants solicitor with name and amount changes. Finally, agreed....the claim would need to be particularised.
  4. Unfortunately default was Oct 2008 and the 5 years wouldn't apply. However they are applying UAE law to this case and therefore the statute of limitations is unknown. All I know is that for cheques it is 3 years in UAE. I had to provide a blank, signed, security cheque and this would have been deposited on default to cover the whole debt + costs. This cheque would have been referred to drawer and under UAE law a legal case would be created at this time.
  5. Sorry for ignorance.....AoS?
  6. Its a Dubai Credit Card Debt that was established between 2007-2008 The debt at default stood at around £7k and I have dealt with the bank, bank's dubai lawyers, uk dca's and now uk solicitor over the last 5 years. I have always tried to settle but they always increased the debt significantly and would only accept a one off payment. Two weeks ago I received a county court claim through Northampton for £55k or x8 the original debt without it being particularised. The Terms and Conditions (2013) provided are a direct print from the banks website and states that the claim is to be governed by UAE law under the non exclusive jurisdiction of Dubai. Legal fees for both parties are estimated to be £30-50k. the UK solicitor claims that they have successfully contested 20 similar judgements in the last 3 months and recommend that I should settle close to the amount claimed to avoid a judgement for double (legal fees incl.) furthermore they planned to take a charging order on my uk property and force the sell of the house.
  7. Hi, Litigation has commenced through UK courts in the last 10 days
  8. Can anyone provide advice on the thread title, please confirm and I will provide chapter and verse through private message to ensure I do not prejudice my case Many Thanks in advance
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