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  1. i hope someone is able to get these guys out of there "trade" what there doing is more of a crime than a "job"
  2. Evening all hope all are well hope im posting in the right place so im watching the "repo man" on channel 4 can this "company"/guy do what his doing?? in one part ive seen them taking car keys while the owner is in the car, to my knowledge isn't that robbery? ive seen him fight with people.. is this around in the UK?? can finance company let this happen and hire these type of people?? i thought bailiffs were the worst people on the earth but these people take the mick really would like to read others views
  3. morning all i went to the police station last night and the police officer agreed that its a civil matter but the stolen marker wont be removed till further inquires
  4. thank you guys so much for the info you have provided and the help i will keep you up to date
  5. can the police make me hand the car back to the company? that is my main worry
  6. Sam i agree with everything you are saying and understand fully, yours and mine thinking is the same. i am just a bit shaken up with the whole matter, i have all the docs from insurance to monthly payments.
  7. how you guys are thinking is what i am thinking too, "its a civil matter" i am just worried that if i go to the police station the police will tell me to hand the vehicles back, which i dont want to do as i will lose my job, and lose all the money paid
  8. the police have not come knocking yet. do you think its a good idea to go to the police station and explain rather than wait? but can the lease company report the car stolen?? as ive paid 21 months, ive taxed, MOTd, and insured the car. yes i have copies of agreement etc..
  9. Hi guys hope all is well and hope im posting in the right place, i have a vehicles which have been reported as stolen, by the people who i leased from. the lease was for 24 months, i made payments for 21months the three outstanding payments i was unable to make due to money problems. the people in question are a ltd company, not registered with FSA or anyone else like that. i only found out it was stolen when i did a hpi check. my question is can this company do this? what can i do? what should i tell the police? i am willing to make the three outstanding payments once i am able to. the v5 is currently under my name.
  10. To be honest I don't feel like making another complaint to the council as when I made the last complaint I was asked to provide further information e.g. Statements, rent paid invoices, bank statements, agreement etc. etc. this same information had be provided before three times. I feel if I make a complaint to the council again they will want more documents which I am willing to supply but it just looks like their doing that to drag the case on further and cause me more problems
  11. Do you think getting the local ombudsman involved can help? As I've already made a direct complain to the council and had no luck .
  12. Thank you for your advice I have been in touch with the council again today and they keep on saying that my case is with the appeal officer and we don't know how long it wil take it get a decision from them, I have provided agreements, invoices of rent paid and statements, number of times but the appeal office are taking ages and I don't want to be evicted as I cannot afford to look for another place I just want to know how can I speed the appeal process up and make them see that I am on my knees, I've been waiting for about 5months for a decision
  13. the main issue with the housing is the tenancy agreement, i was denied housing due to the council thinking that the tenancy agreement is not commercial, as the house i rent is from my step brother, who is a property developer. i have provided the council with all rent invoice to date, which have been paid to the landlord via bank transfer the response i got from the complaint is that "they will review my appeal within 10 working days and will get back to me" this was back in dec2012/jan2013 i just want to know what i can do to make them speed the decision up, as the landlord is not willing to wait any longer and has issued a "section 21" eviction notice, i have informed the council about this and the answer i got was "we are trying to deal with your appeal please wait"
  14. Hi all I'm new here so be patience with me, I'm having huge problems with my housing benefit claim, it's been almost eight months and I've had no answer from the appeal department, I call them everyday and keep being told it will be dealt with soon. Is there any way of them speeding things up? As my landlord is on my case 24/7 for outstanding rent I will try and fill you guys in as much as possible; after losing my job and house I got a place on rent with my family, I was given housing and the landlord was paid monthly ect.. On a review from the council they stopped my housing fully and I had to appeal. Once the FIRST appeal was sent they declined it and informed I could appeal again which is did. On the SECOND appeal they took ages but agreed to start my housing again, and was told to provide landlord payment information so a pay,net could be issued, for me to do this I had to go into the council when I showed up to provide the information I was told "your claim is being reviewed and no payment will be issued" this was back in June, since then I have been asked to provide more information which I have done so on time. After a very long wait and no answer I made a complaint to the council in December in regards to the length of time it is taking to process my claim only to be asked for more information about myself and family, again this was provided on time and I was informed that a answer will be provided within 10working days, which did not happen. What can I do to make the council speed things up? I am on my knees begging the Landlord to wait, I feel like I should make another complaint but this time to the local ombudsman, Will that help? I just don't know what to do, I am stressed out unable to sleep because of the council not helping me with the rent I'm worried the landlord will kick us out Ps there is a lot more but I think I've forgotten to add, going nearly 3am Please feel free to ask anymore questions as I may have missed things out
  15. I'm new Thought I'd say hi to all
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