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  1. hi again a quick update, i have today emailed my acknowledgment of service stating i wish to defend the claim, and i recieved their automated email. the date of service was 14 march so i now have another 14 days taking me til the 11 april i beleive. what should my next course of action be? i mean assusming the insurance company still don't pay out (worse case scenario) then i have to now compile a defence by the 11 april right? what should this consist of? do i need to send it to northampton? not sure where i am meant to go next with this!? thanks in advance for any replies
  2. thank you all very much for your help and advice so far. it is very much appreciated.
  3. Hi again guys.a quick update.I finally managed to get through to the claim handler at my insurance co yesterday.he said he would get the payment to third party sorted and would get his accounts dept to send a cheque off to third party.he didn't sound too convincing! I also spoke directly to the third parties insurance representative who told me as long as they receive payment they will not push forward with the judgement. I have not yet replied to the courts and don't know whether to acknowledge service or not now insurance company seem to be responding.I have 7 days till acknowledgement deadline.should I still acknowledge. and what should I do to keep tabs on the situation?
  4. thanks renegadeimp. i will respond in time to get the 14 day extension.is that what set aside means?
  5. hi yes the letter is from northampton. i am putting off sending acknowledgment as long as poss and going to CAB tomorrow to see what advice they can give me too. another day gone still no call back or correspondence from insurance company!!! am i allowed to mention their name on here?!
  6. i didnt receive a letter before action, just the county court summons. i have forwarded all court docs to my insurance company, and spoken on the phone over the course of the last week, but with no acknowledgment from them atall. Feels like they are happy to let me clean up the mess that they've got me in!! i will send off acknowledgment asap. thanks for the advice so far guys.
  7. Hi there, i was involved in a minor car accident in april 2012, i went into a the side of a vehicle on a mini roundabout at very low speed, causing minor damage to both mine and the other person's car. I swapped details at the time and contacted my insurance as soon as i got home. Initially liability was contested. I hit the vehicle as it approached from the right on the roundabout, however he didn't indicate so my insurance company offered to settle the third party's claim 50/50. (At least this is what they told me) However in september 2012 (5 months later) i received another letter from my insurance company saying after considering evidence, that they would be 100 percent liable. This was the last i heard until last week when i received county court damages claim forms from the other person asking me to pay 1800 pounds damages to the other guy. I have contacted my insurance, they are hopeless and keep fobbing me off, all the time the clock is ticking as i have less than 10 days now to respond to County court claim. I feel completely helpless, i cannot believe my insurance company have let me down and that i am in this very awkward predicament. Any advice or suggstions would be very gratefully received. P.S i did not claim for any damage to my own vehicle as was very minor.
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