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  1. Hi Yeah im confident they went to the correct address as I rang them with a story that I was returning goods and needed to confirm postal address.
  2. Thanks for that. I will try that letter as im running out of options. They're trading as online4furniture on ebay today still but I spoke to the bailiff this morning and he basically said if he receives a warrant with online4furniture on the top but the premises has a company called discount furniture store he would have to walk away. Is there any mileage in contacting paypal its all s bit fishy Online4furniture is still selling on ebay Discount furniture store are in the premises that online4furniture has as their address Direct furniture supplies is on the paypal account!!! Its laughable Direct furniture supplies ltd is the name on the paypal account!!!! Its lsughable
  3. Latest update is that I spoke to them again and basically they said crack on take us too court if you want to !!!!
  4. Hi and thanks again U have pretty much discovered the same as me regarding direct furniture supplies and discount furniture store. I like the idea of screwing their paypal up. How would I go about that? I am going to ring them again and tell them I am going to sue ditect furniture supplies and inform paypal which will means their account being frozen see how they respond to that Again thanks everyone
  5. Paypal wouldn't help because of the time after the purchase. I just need to check their trading.
  6. Before I started the small claim I rung them and asked for their full address and the company name. The address is the same but the names don't match
  7. Hi. thanks first of all for all the help. It's getting curious, the company was called online4furniture. I obtained judgement against online4furniture but when i rung them today they told me they had taken over the company and were now called discount furniture store. After the advice above i checked the proof of purchase on paypal and the company i acutally paid wasn't called online4furniture it was Direct Furniture Suppliers ltd. I looked them up on companies house and they have got a c/o chartered accountants as their address. Who should I try and enforce judgment on?
  8. I'm sorry I am rubbish at this. I checked CH but the shop name doesnt come up on any of the searches!
  9. Hi again High court enforcement officer? The debt they owe is only 282 so i wouldnt be able to do that. Basically i just need to know if i send the bailiffs in at a cost of £100 will they still be able to enforce the judgement if they are trading under a different name not forgetting what i said above about ebay accounts the same email and phone numbers etc? What i have since found out is you can still buy from their ebay shop under exactky the same name as before!
  10. Hi apologies for my ignorance but I dont know what hceo refers too? Cheers
  11. Hi all This is my first post. I'm looking for some guidance to try and avoid throwing good money after bad I will keep it brief and avoid the boring details but here goes. I bought two beds (new from an ebay shop) a nd within the warranty period they both developed identical faults. I contacted the seller and they wanted me at my cost to send the complete beds back to them so they could decide if it was a manufacturing defect. I wasnt happy about this and after weeks of calls and emails I started a claim for the full value on the moneyclaim site. I heard nothing untill i received notification from the court that judgment had been entered against them. I contacted them to offer them the chance to pay up before extra costs are added etc only to be told they took over the company and now dont trade under the name that i took to court. The ebay account is stil lin the same name, the phone number is the same the email is the same. What i want to know is if i try and enforce a warrant which will cost me a further £100 will that do any good considering the name change etc? Thanks in advance for any advice Biff
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