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  1. When you look for legal advice make sure it is one fully trained in Welfare rights, that way you know for certain you are paying someone who knows what they are talking about. Not that I'm saying some solicitors are crap!!
  2. As long as he remembers to take £20 for his utilities, his bus fare to the job centre and interviews as well as £25 for the bedroom tax then live off the rest I think he would do just fine ..... NOT!!! £100,000 Extra a year for millionaires, £624 less for the disabled with an extra bedroom!!!
  3. These everyone seems to want to sue everyone else for minor injuries just to get some cash. But if the NHS done something minor, but a company told you to sue, would you? For instance, you are in hospital and they leave the drip on high into your hand and it swells up twice the size. It's very painful, and the staff don't seem to be bothered and just leave you. Hours later the shift changes and the first nurse in quickly turns the drip off. It then takes over 24hrs for the swelling and pain to go away. Now some people may try and sue for that and would probably get a few hundred quid
  4. As usual it is that time of year when the government tax, sorry fee, increase on visa applications, a wonderful tax (oops, fee,!!) that screws those of us who do everything the legal way. Fees are generally going up 2%. This may not look bad but then we have increases like the one on Tier 1 (General) Extension which currently costs a remarkably low £1000, increasing slightly to £1500!!!
  5. Since February 2012 some people have had to wait almost 11 months for their FLR(M) visa application to be processed by the UKBA . Although most of us don't believe in miracles, it seems that the UKBA is now starting to get on top of the backlog, although they still have a good number of 9+ months outstanding. For people who applied after July 2012 the processing time was 3 months, which as many UKBA responses on the FOI site point out, they do everything date order .... erm!!!!!
  6. Fiverr, oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Turk, etc. You make as much as you want to make, and educate yourself online to enhance your abilities so you can offer more services. It's called bettering yourself. If you can read on a computer screen then you can learn. If you can type on a forum/blog, then you are already doing work others pay for. You don't have to earn a living wage, which you can if you put the hours in, but you can use it to top up your benefits without effecting them as long as you declare it.
  7. If you can type on a forum then you CAN work, get an online job doing just that. Plenty of online jobs exist
  8. So your income is being devalued over time with inflation, you are struggling to pay bills and debts, maybe using one payday loan after another, or your credit card to pay off another credit card, so month on month you are digging a deeper hole rather than filling it in. This causes untold stress, problems, it may even effect your relationship with the love of your life. As soon as you realise you are slipping into a routine like this get control of it straight away. This may sound SIMPLE.... well it is SIMPLE. Creditors want the money back but these days they are used to people
  9. Steven Hawkings manages to work .... I rest my case Everyone can do some level of work, I know a number of chronically disabled people who choose to work, and enjoy doing it. My sister has just finished chemo for breast cancer and has only missed work for hospital visits, and she will continue to work after her op and during radiotherapy. If you want to work, you can, health issues are just an excuse for some people. Your diabetes will be under control once the diagnosis is complete.
  10. I love Windows 8, it is much faster and reliable than Vista and 7, but with Microsoft trying to force people to use the tiles has put a lot of people off it. Fear not, as soon as I installed Windows 8 I changed it into a Windows 7 clone with its look and feel Simply search and install: Classis Shell 8Gadgetpack Instantly you now boot to the Desktop, your Start button has returned, and your gadgets are back
  11. So Teresa May took a big bold step and scrapped the UKBA and is going to bring it back into her embrace! Hang on a minute, a few years ago under Labour the immigration failed, and had one hell of a back log so they split it up to make the UKBA .... which has now failed and has a hell of a backlog ... deja vu ... guess what will happen in another few years!!!
  12. I'm just waiting for the letter off my GP so I can forward my application for DHP. I'm a war pensioner and my MP helped get me this place in 2000 as I can only live places with no stairs. I'm supposed to have one extra bedroom but my lad stays 1 week a month, and I use the spare for physio. Plus I paid thousands out for a Jacuzzi so I didn't have to travel the hospital each week for treatment.
  13. I get a lot of cycling clubs where I live and they all behave correctly on the roads, however most people don't. Cycling over pedestrian crossings is so annoying I just want to run the buggers over. Then when they are on the road and get to a red light they switch to the pavement. If we done that in a car we'd get done. They need to stick to the rules of the road before we start protecting them. I used to cycle a few hundred miles a week before my health went against me and I was knocked off 3 times when doing thing right!!
  14. I can really recommend StepChange as they helped my sister out a lot with a DMP and she has gone from high stress and worry to having her life back again.
  15. You'd be lucky for the bank to do that, they tend to plead stupidity in such things
  16. You can appeal, but don't expect them to rush (which government agency does, 10 months to process my wifes ILR visa!!). You will need to refresh your medical evidence. I would recommend one from your specialist, GP and if you can afford it, and independent one.
  17. Well done on keeping the pressure on to get this sorted, and Samsung get some good credits for itself. If you do have problems with hardware never just accept it as one of those things, we all have rights
  18. Marston Bailiffs want to be paid for the debt and costs. You should never miss a court date as they will help arrange a monthly payment plan. Now speak to the CAB today, make a list of finances you have, something like Stepchange do. Take that to the CAB and then you will probably need to show that to Marston Bailiffs. But you need to sort it out with them by the end of the day. As long as you can clearly show them you can only afford £X amount each month then they have little choice but to accept it.
  19. During the first week in February my network went down, I knew it was not my phone as the wife lost hers as well. We then discovered after a couple of days that the whole are had lost it. Numerous calls to Vodafone by myself and others in the area got zero help, as all the person on the other end kept advising was to reset our phones and other stupid ideas. They never once accepted the fault was with them and never passed on the information. After a week I went on to the Vodafone site to report the issue only to discover they don't really have an official fault reporting process oth
  20. I've been swearing at the snow the last 2 days ... it is supposed to be SPRING!!! This time last year I was in the garden sunbathing. It would be handy if we could attach the UK to a couple of tugs boats and have ourselves pulled to somewhere off the coast of Portugal.
  21. It so annoys me when sites that are supposed to help people with debt turn out to be nothing more than screwing these people for money or giving them misleading information.
  22. Before you got caught I take it you knew that what you were doing was fraud, which is against the law let alone the transport companies policy? If not, then maybe you should be travelling with an adult! Or did you use it by mistake? In which case you need to explain that to them, especially if you have your own Oyster Card. The outcome will depend on whether they decide to keep it in-house or make it a criminal charge. it does however seem like they are going to keep it in-house as long as you keep them informed.
  23. In the old days when the internet was young if a mistake like this was made it might have been honoured, but not these as the laws have now been clarified. Such instances will now also be covered in the sites T&C. It is human nature to try and make money out of mistakes but it was quite obvious this was one.
  24. I've never had a problem with Dell, any issues and they come to my house the next working day to fix it. My laptop is now approaching it's 5th year, and had a new screen last year. One thing about overheating. This is mainly due to people not treating the laptop correctly and not a design flaw. My laptops last because I always have a cooled underneath them, this extends the life of the laptop, and mine has been on 12hrs a day for all those years. By keeping the airflow going you are extending the life of the parts. Plus once a month give it a good vacuum, as clogged up vents also cause ov
  25. One tax and one benefit ... then life would be so much simpler! Instead we have so many of them most people have no idea if they should be claiming or paying for what. I deal with the UKBA a lot and most of them have no idea about some of the rules they have so many of them, and they change so often.
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