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  1. Spoke to my solicitor this morning. She's going to contact FP in writing to try and come to some sort of agreement. Will keep you posted. Probably going to be this time next week before I hear anything.
  2. Excellent. Well done. So give my Solicitor a boot up the......and tell her to negotiate the outstanding balance. Downwards preferably haha. Thank you for your help Bona
  3. Was this amount taken as full and final settlement or are you likely to be chased for the rest?
  4. That's great, thank you. I thought this might be the case but my solicitor hasn't mentioned it once. However, I have told that I have some cash put away but not all of the shortfall. If I could be a bit cheeky and ask how much was your shortfall, who was it with and how much was it reduced by?
  5. Hi guys, I have a buyer for my property. The exchange etc. is due for the end of this month. Unfortunately there will be a shortfall to FirstPlus, an all to familiar story, so I'm told. Basically, The original mortgage will be paid with about £7k left over. My outstanding balance with FP is around £28k. I made FP aware of the shortfall almost six weeks ago and person on the phone totally dismissed me saying that he could not come to any agreement with me regarding the shortfall (making debt unsecured) because I did not meet the criteria (ie sale proceeds to exceed 60% of outstanding loan)
  6. Thanks Slick, Just read the thread you suggested. Seems that if they don't enter a defence I can still go for judgement by default. Which is good news, I think. Maybe they won't pay up until the OFT case study is completed? We shall see.
  7. Hi folks, I was hoping to get some help/info regarding my claim. This is the situation so far: LBA sent 4.7.2007, (claim amount is £685 plus £80 costs.) Filed with MCOL on 27.7.2007. Barclays said that they would be defending the claim 8.8.2007.So far so good. Than had a letter from Barclays staying that they were applying for an order to stay. That's fine but I haven't received any notification from the court and the deadline for them to enter they're defence is looming. If I do not receive any notification from the court regarding the order to stay and Barclays do not enter a defence, do I w
  8. Quick update. Just had a look on MCOL, it says that Barclays dispute the whole amount etc. and that the claim will be transferred to the appropriate court. Will let you know when I get my court date.
  9. Barclays have not yet entered a defence but MCOL will not let me hit the default button.Suppose I'll try again tomorrow.If judgement is set-aside, do Barclays get to enter a defence?
  10. Haven't heard anything yet. Do they have until monday to enter their defence?
  11. Yep. You're right again. Date served is the 4/11/2006 so by my reckoning they should have to enter their defence by 2/12/2006. Ooh, that's really close. So assuming they enter the defence, I'll have to wait for a court date, which depends on how busy my local court is, correct? Although, I did read that a lot of the Bank charge cases in my area are being transferred to Cardiff rather than in the local court.
  12. Also, defence has to be entered by the 11/12/2006 right?
  13. Received Notice that aknowledgement of service has been filed. It's dated the 13th of November.Barclays intend to defend all of the claim. No surprise there. Has anyone heard of the banks sending in the aknowledgement and then not entering a defence? I've read elsewhere on the site that Barclays have a standard defence written up that they always enter, usually at the very last moment. So after the defence is entered, do i then wait for a court date? Or will judgement be passed on the defence they have entered at this point? I'm starting to get a little anxious about it all now. It's just, wha
  14. Another update. Popped home lunchtime because I forgot my mobile and there was a letter waiting for me. It read: Thank you for your letter 30/10/2006 I am sorry you remain unhappy following our response to your complaint and note that whilst you are accepting the amount offered, you will be seeking the balance through the small claims court. I confirm our offer, made as a gesture of goodwill, was in full settlement of your complaint. As such, I am unwilling to pay you the sum of £720 as an interim measure. I aknowledge that you require your claim to be settled in full. However,
  15. Received my notice of issue from the court yesterday. Barclays have until 12/11/2006 to enter a defence. Suppose all I can do now is wait. One thing though. The Issue notice has come from Northampton county court. Does that mean that in the event of the case actually making it to court I would have to attend up in Northampton?
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