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  1. Hi I need a little bit of help and some opinions on what to do next. I've had a few wonga loans in the past and last year I had a long standing loan written off due to all the embargo that went on with wonga. Now I made a complaint stating that I was lent to irresponsibly and without being correctly assessed. And I received this email today We have investigated and have decided to uphold your case. Your complaint You have stated in your complaint that we did not take into account your circumstances when processing your loan applications. Our response In investigating your case, we have considered the affordability of your loans based on information available to us at the time of application. That includes your personal circumstances, the value of the loans and top ups against your stated income, the frequency of your borrowing and any other factors which indicated financial difficulties as a result of the loan, such as arrears and repayment arrangements. Having looked in detail at your loan history, we see that prior to 06/10/2012 you were in full time employment. You then informed us that you lost your job and was unable to repay your loan on time. We can see from your records that you experienced financial difficulties around that time as you went into arrears and set up various repayment arrangements. Outcome Based on the above, there may have been more that we could have done to assist you during the period 06/10/2015 to 04/12/2012 so we have decided to uphold your complaint relating to the loans within that period of time. We would like to offer £232.97 which is an amount equal to the interest and fees on the following loans: Loan reference Date Interest and fees 08/10/2012 £21.71 17/10/2012 £100.78 10/11/2012 £7.53 12/11/2012 £32.62 21/11/2012 £70.33 Your recent loan dated 04/12/2012 has already been assessed under our affordability forbearance programme. As a result your balance was written off and all records of the loan were removed from your credit file. Of the £288.26 written off, £250 was made up of principal (the funds we advanced to you). You received the benefit of the principal but were not required to repay that amount in full as a result of the write off. The amount of principal written off has therefore been deducted from the amount of redress we have offered in response to this complaint. As the interest and fees refund offered in response to this complaint is less than the principal which was written off, we are not able to make a payment of redress to you under this complaint. This is our final response but if you’re not satisfied with it, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service within 6 months of the date of this response. For more information on the Financial Ombudsman Service, please see the consumer information leaflet found at: http://financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/consumer-leaflet.htm. If you want a hard copy of the consumer information leaflet, please call us on 0207 138 8330. The address of the Financial Ombudsman Service is: The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower London E14 9SR Telephone: 0300 123 9123. Thoughts ???
  2. I had the same thing happen to me in July. Applied for a loan of £300 was declined and woke up next morning to a text of acceptance and £100 in my bank. I contacted them and told them I was declined and had proof and therefore my contract with them was null and void. I was told it was a computer error and I would only be charged £100. I decided to mess them about and said that since I had no contract with themselves , the money was obviously a donation by the company! I funnily enough got a phone call from a DCA about it, yet when I spoke to them they said I signed a contract!! Very fishy company.
  3. Perhaps an orange representative can get in touch! I had a phone contract in Oct 2010 and it Ended in Nov 2012. The contract has carried on and I wasn't aware of this and I removed the direct debit in January when I was made aware of it. I now recieved a letter for £70 about debt collection. I've been on and off the phone to orange who told me they couldn't quote the T&C's and that they couldn't help me and that there was nothing they could do. Help?
  4. They can cancel a CPA as your the customer. Simply tell them they are legally obliged to do such a thing. Failing that cancel your card and then contact wonga saying you need a repayment arrangement, they should freeze the interest and are usually okay coming to an agreement.
  5. Isn't a DMP the best way to go? I mean I think I'm about 3k deep. QQ - £1032 Wonga - £632 Money Shop - £460 24/7 - £240 - Transferred to DCA Peachy - £400 - Transferred to DCA Also I have debt with paydayaid and paydayuk however I havnt heard from them in months!
  6. I have been looking at this forum a while however only as a viewer and I have read most of the horror story's. I'm in a lot of PDL company debts and I'm not really sure where to turn to, what's the best option!
  7. But surely the new company can't have a credit licience? Also do you not need to be informed of this? No they phoned me and for once I answered
  8. Thanks for your replys, I myself have told them that there charges are unforceable. When I spoke to 'mark' today from NDR who arnt dealing with my debt by accordance of the email I recieved today! I was told that the loan is fully enforceable, when I asked who was adding the missed payment charges I was fobbed off time after time. I explained that as a DCA not a baliff company you can't add on missed payment fee's and that if it was indeed toothfairy why are you talking to me? Because if the debt has been passed on surely they have no legal backbone to add charges onto! When I told them to take me to court as I've made a reasonable offer based on my current circumstances I was told it would be in my best interest to just pay! I then told them that I would prefer to be taken to court so I can show the world what animals they are! Ofcourse that's if they are still trading as your credit licience is under investigation! I was told this wasn't true! Ha!
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering what other people's views on this are. I'm into TOothffairy for about £1100 now from a £200 debt I've offered to repay the debt and 1 months interest and 2 missed payments from the off over 3 months and have been told its nt good enough and the minimum they can do is £200 a month over 3 months. I've recieved countless letters and emails and SMS about home visits and how I've ignored all communications even though I asked for all communications via email but was told they didn't have to do this ! I was told that bailiffs would visit my address so I informed them that I would not be accepting a home visit and that any visit by a representative would be considered trespassing and I would take legal action against them and was told I had no rights to do so! Now here's the interesting part I recieved a email from MHB TODAY about a home visit and this was the costs that were sent as part of the email! Debt GBP 678 Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) GBP 10 NDR Accept Case File GBP 200 Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) GBP 10 Solicitors - Case Preparation GBP 150 Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 57) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 4 (day 71) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 5 (day 85) GBP 10 Repayments todate GBP 0 Total GBP 1078 Now please correct me if I'm wrong but my credit agreement with toothfairy is with a different credit licience than what they now trade with, does that make my case invalid?? This company is very unreasonable, and very hard to deal with.
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