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  1. Thanks again Brig. Yet again clicking your star I get the message I must spread my thanks around to others before giving you more - I would if others were as concise with their help as you hae been!
  2. I exchanged a couple of letters with them - they disappeared over 18 months ago, perhaps they did not like something I said. e.g. "I am at a loss to decide if you are stupid, incompetent or just illiterate! "
  3. I am trying to play these DCAs out to SB as although, from previous advice (both to me and others) I have concluded they do not have sufficient to go to court. However, to be on the safe side I have not simply ignored them, but tried to keep up a dialogue. I am aware that one cannot predict the outcome of court action so although I am reasonably certain of the outcome, I would rather not test it in court unless I absolutely need to.
  4. Not being a Lawyer nor having legal training please can you confirm that the above means that as we (myself and the DCA) who have only played letter tennis and the only words written by me that could possibly be construed to be such an admission are as detailed in an earlier reply to this thread, this does not fall within the meaning of the above. Hence no acknowledgement.
  5. I can understand your confusion. I await a reply from DX regarding the concatenation of these threads As to the letter I am contemplating which type of letter to send. Short pithy anglo saxon equivalent of go away with vigour. A bit longer pointing out their foolishness in pursuing this matter Extremely insulting and sarcastic regarding the IQ and linage of the companies owners and to some extent the employees. A long an detailed letter explaining in excruciating detail why they will be on a hiding to nothing as win or lose they will get nothing but a big bill. And last but n
  6. I can think of plenty of good reasons why NOT to do this and all of them have come as suggestions from this forum
  7. Freds =different debt, they have gone dark for many months after calling their bluff and suggesting Put up or Shut up. Thinking of sending a similar letter to this DCA
  8. I am a wee bit surprised that you have concatenated these threads as they refer to at least 3 different debts and 2 generic questions. Have I done something to offend you DX?
  9. My Medical circumstances are not going to change for the better and my financial ones should improve in 4/5 years time long after SB. I also think they will not push the matter but I would like to have the threat lifted and only replied to them regarding the medical condition after they made the offer.
  10. I have never asked for any proof just stated I do not acknowledge the debt. Left it up to them to send any proof to refute the statement. I do not believe the paperwork to be valid as it goes way back to 1995/6 time, as a similar situation has gone quiet with a different DCA after they sent some paperwork which I picked a number of holes in, also for a MBNA account of the same vintage
  11. They reminded me of the contents of the letter after I wrote in a number of interchanges earlier this year As I have said before many times, I do not, and never have, acknowledged any alleged debt to you or MBNA. This is after receiving an unsolicited offer to write off the debt on health grounds, which I replied to with all relevant info. They acknowledged my medical condition but instead of writing the debt off they asked for a nominal £1 per month
  12. The Credit card was issued by MBNA and the DCA I have been sparring with since 2008 are known to read this forum so I will not name them. I have never received anything from the DCA to demonstrate enforceability just around 20 threatogrammes
  13. Many moons ago - long before I knew of CAG I was trying to negotiate with a DCA and wrote the following " I am still preparied to negotiate with you and offer the same repayment rate offered by Mr X of XYZ Plc in his letter of last year, that being £70 per month." The original offer was made by the original credit card company and sent in August 2008, the fragment above was sent in May 2009. If it does then is the SB date reset to May 2015 or does it remain May 2014, 6 years from when the CC company defaulted the debt
  14. I suspect I am about to do battle with Bank-Smart shortly. Foolishly, before becoming aware of CAG I signed one of their agreements. They have been pursuing a loan company for the reclaim of PPI (which never existed) but not gone for the charges that I understood they would do. Does anybody know of any history of successful claims by Bank-Smart against their 'Clients' for payment of fees when they have been unsuccessful in getting any monies for said client. I have told then there is no PPI to claim and that to pursue such a claim would be fraudulent. I await their ire.
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