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  1. hi it is a unsecured loan Not sure what a oc is Debt left 43,000 Yes those good people at lstb loaned the money to me when thinks went wrong had help from citizern advice and have managed the account myself since I belive i was mis sold the loan as the payments out seeded my income at the time one has ppi on it the was defeffo mis sold can i claim that back
  2. Hi thanks for the reply what is a f and f
  3. Hi it appears to be assigned to prime credit but sold to apex aic are still managing the account
  4. Hi i recevied a letter on 16 march 2013 from lloyds tsb dated 21 febuary 2013 to inform me that the debt was sold on to apex credit management on the 3rd of august 2012. Should i have been imformed earlier of this the account is still to be managed by aic this has been the case for the past 8yrs and has been done on the basis of income and expenditure Do i need to worry about this change Amd2012
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