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  1. Update- and another urgent request for advice We moved house last year so the address attached to my husbands season ticket was wrong, although we kept our phone number. I told the train guard at the time our new address and I'm sure he wrote it down. We heard nothing, nothing nothing. My anxiety levels were off the scales. My husband kept ringing SWT -weekly- but because we had no reference number were not allowed to talk to anyone about it. We can't afford for this not to be dealt with as the season ticket is new and worth £250, and we are spending £100's extra on fares each month that goes past.. however we were told that the change of address would not be a problem since the prosecutions dept would 100% certain call us before writing any letters to us. Anyway finally a phone call on Monday saying they had made repeated attempts to invite me for interview and despite having a mail forward which has been working fine we have received none of them. I spoke to the prosecutor over the phone, lots of tears, hands up totally stupid thing to do, mitigating circumstances outlined above. Received an email yesterday offering out of court settlement of £750 due to repeated interview attempts?? Obviously this is better than a criminal record, and we will have to find a way to pay... But it seems incredibly high given that we did everything we could to make sure they had the correct address and talk to someone about it, and in comparison to other out of court settlements on here which seem to be 200/300 region. Any advice? I've got 3 days to agree. Thank you for all your help
  2. Oh, and also I will have no problem getting a drs note about my depression and anxiety with interacting with people in strange or new situations, from my GP, or my psychiatrist .
  3. Thank you all for your posts. The free passes are ones that come with a years season pass, you get 6 a year and I don't think we have ever used any, I've got 17 here and ive definitely thrown some away in the past. I had some with me, but I didn't make a mistake when I handed my husbands card over- I honestly just really couldn't face the complicated conversation about using the passes. I'm my head I thought that the possible consequences ( pay the fare plus a £20 fine??? I thought) was worth not having to have a conversation in a situation I find extremely stressful. How stupid can you get. I told the inspector that I had the passes with me, but he wouldn't look at them and said it was irrelevant since I'd represented the season ticket as my own - which is true, I'm not going to try to argue a mistake, but the intent was honestly one of not wanting to talk to anyone, rather than fare evasion, since if I'd taken the "legal" course I wouldn't have had to pay either. And I hope the number of these unused passes we have might show that I wasn't trying to" save" my free journey since we never use them. My question is - is it worth trying to explain this, or should I just say sorry, stupid thing to do. And- is the fact that I had no idea how serious this offence was, and would NEVER have done it if I had known - is this worth saying??? Thanks again for the help so far.
  4. I'm hoping for some advice please. I used my husbands annual season ticket to go into london on southwest trains yesterday. I had a free weekend travel pass in my bag, but when the inspector asked for my ticket I thought it would be easier just to show my husbands ticket without his photocard. His season ticket was confiscated and I think im going to be prosecuted. to say Im panicing about this would be an understatement, crying as I type right now. I now know this was an INCREDIBLY stupid thing to do, I know that 2 tiny children, no sleep, lack of judgement,severe post natal depression may not be extenuation circumstances enough... I've read a lot of these threads and so Ive got an idea of the sort of thing I need to do now, but I have some extra questions 1) His season ticket is new and worth £2500, are we going to be able to get it back?? most threads suggest waiting for the letter, but every week that goes past we will be spending £100's of pounds on rail fares hes already paid for so Id like to speed up the process if I possibly can. 2) Some of the threads mention being careful about what you admit to in case it gets you a criminal conviction, whilst others seem to say confess immediately, does anyone have any advice on wording of contriteness? Ive already drafted a letter so is it worth posting here for comment? thank you in advance,
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