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  1. Cabot finance issued the attachment of earnings against me , but I am a full time Carer for my son who was involved in a serious accident a few years back, so I am now unemployed as such. What happens next then? Do I need to do anything?
  2. The bailiff seems to think he has LOTS of old paper work though , I just want to set up a payment plan, I will be happy with that. I literally am going through a extremely stressful time at the moment and this will break me, I'm not just feeding you all a sob story, I am a mother to a disabled son and I am his carer, I get carers allowance and he receives full PIP for care and mobility . I am up with him most nights, I'm exhausted and emotional.
  3. I believe the debt is from a old Vanquis card from 2013 , i guess the answer is yes, although I hadn't realized it had got to this point. Stupid, really, but no warning about todays visit , he assures me his has lots of old paper work on the debt.
  4. I've just checked my credit file, how soul destroying! There is a CCJ for the amount of £1838 , from December 2016 I assume added fees this brings the total to the £1938 . Have I mentioned , I'm annoyed with myself? do you think he would except a payment plan?
  5. Good afternoon, or is it? I returned home this afternoon to find a card small card posted through my door, from county court bailiff. I was very surprised, really, and contacted the number straight away. The bailiff answered the phone, seemed pleasant enough, and explained that the visit was in relation to a debt with Cabot finance, outstanding CCJ. He said he couldn't return today, due to having to be at a eviction! He also complained about being the only county court bailiff in the area. He said he might be able to return tomorrow, and he has some paper work for
  6. So he called back. It was to check my circumstances hadn't changed, as I'm a new claim. All done over the phone. Really nice man, really. We laughed about how serious and scary his voicemail is, feel very very re-leaved, and a bit stupid for getting in the mess I did, I've actually lost 11lb in 4 days!!! Thank you everybody who replied, you were all very nice.
  7. I would just like to add for future people who may read this post, that once you have claimed IS you could have up to 3 reviews a year, two of those with the job center, and one with the actual benefits team. I thought these were one and the same, but apparently not. That's one of the reasons I got myself so upset, as the job center said I wouldn't be seen for 6 months, but that's the job center, not actually DWP. If you are a new claimant, as I am, then it's pretty scary and confusing. Now I'm off to eat my breakfast.
  8. Good morning everyone, some news. I had a phone call from a very nice compliance officer this morning. Apologizing for not being able to answer my calls. I explained how worried I was about the interview, and that I'd got myself in a right state. He stayed on the phone for 20 minutes trying to reassure me that it was nothing serious. He didn't know my exact details, as he didn't have a computer with him, however his main job was just to review benefits, not investigate any fraud. He believs that due to the time scale of my claim, that mine will be the standard review of new separation claims.
  9. Are you in a similar situation New York? Have you also received a complience letter?
  10. So I haven't slept, and haven't eaten now for two days! I was up at stupid o'clock , and can't even manage a coffee. I am terrible for worrying. I wish I'd never claimed IS now. I always said that I wanted whatever money went into my bank account to be mine. It's always been that way since I left school back in 1996! I can't go through this for another 12 days, I will be really ill. I have a beautiful little girl I want to enjoy, and this is just hanging over me like a black cloud. I'm really thinking about cancelling my claim, and getting in touch with my old boss today, and excepting my plac
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