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  1. Whole things seems a bit protracted, no? Without trying to be funny, is the OP from abroad?
  2. It does look like contractual but they're being difficult. Was the policy in the manual in effect when you left or added at a later stage? Is the annual pay award discretionary? Did everyone in the company get it? The £500 you received may not be a pay award because of ACAS - more like compensation.
  3. I'd be inclined to agree. It's in the company's interest to train her and employ her paying less than minimum wage(?).
  4. Hi guys, I believe I am entitled to a tax rebate for 2012/13 and was under the impression that I should have got something by now. I did speak to HMRC a few months back and they had advised that they would sort this out themselves if I was entitled to anything? Is there anything I can do? Cheers
  5. Of course it's got to do with the ex! They question is how to prove it. Need more info as to what has exactly happened. Tell you friend to complain how tired he is every morning to gauge her ex's reaction.
  6. Injunction? Is you friend a director? No? Injunctions are normally for director level roles and then they are put on garden leave when they hand their notice. The effort of taking out an injunction would not be worth it. As you say he is joining a company with a different client base/industry so it is not going to affect his old company. Let them take out an injunction as they can pay your friend for not working. At the same time he can start working for the new company on the sly. The old company can speak to whoever they want so your friend should give the new compa
  7. Director is being negligent in their duties. You cannot be sued for being off sick? It is not reasonable to expect someone to come into work if they are not capable of working. If she had broken her bones she would be incapable to work. Returning to work might aggravate the stress/anxiety. The last thing you need is an idiot threatening you while you are at work where you would be inclined to make mistakes. The director is paid to manage the company. Let the worry about it.
  8. What happened before April? Who set you the 9.5 hours you are supposed to work each day? The 9.5 hours are based on your average hours. The 8.5 hours are based on the company's average hours per day. Before you start disputing working extra 55 hours you need to ascertain the full facts. Have you spoken to your colleagues as to what happened to them when they were off sick?
  9. Yeah, this is starting to drag... ...so, do the following: 1. Ask the boss (as steam powered has stated) 2. If he does not accept the resignation, then state that your niece will be returning to work once she is better and that she is expecting to be paid sick leave. 3. Then either return to work for those two weeks once she is better or get the doc to write up another sick note so she does not have to return to work. She won't be liable for anything if she is off sick. As for employing an agency worker, they tend to be cheap on the short term. If the director still i
  10. Okay, does it state in your contract that you get paid for the lunch hour? Sorry if I keep on asking the same question again and again. If the standard number of hours you work are 9.5 I don't understand how they can claim 8.5 hours as standard. If you take a day off, are you paid for 8.5 or 9.5 hours? Again, find out what the sickness policy is. Speak to your colleagues and see if the same thing happened to them.
  11. If you left the company, then they probably will give you a reference since you have "not rocked the boat". As the other guys have pointed out, it appears to be that your position has been made redundant and if you left you will miss out on substantial redundancy payment. If you play this correctly, you could walk with some money and a reference.
  12. I'm sure he does not want to but will need as it is business at the end of the day. The signs are there that they want to get rid of you (don't take it personally). It does appear that your position is being made redundant and would be easier to get you to leave than pay redundancy + notice period (which I guess is 12 weeks). More so if you are entitled to an enhanced redundancy package. Sadly, some employers sack employees on spurious reasons instead of paying redundancy. I would suggest two things: Start to keep a record of all conversations, emails etc. S
  13. So they don't have any cover at the moment?
  14. Okay, so the 250 hours is irrelevant in the sense that you are not really paid for those hours - its just another way of getting you to work extra hours and not get paid for it. By the way, are you paid on the number of actual hours worked each week/month? I still think something is amiss - are you absolutely certain that you get paid for the lunch hour? Your standard hours cannot be 9.5 whilst they claim only 8.5 hours qualify for sick leave. You will need to check your contract and sickness policy. I do not believe that you "owe" hours.
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