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  1. I know that she is still responsible, she is making the payments still I just asked if it is legal for her to sell something that doesn't technically belong to her and is still on finance
  2. No it was not a gift, my sister was supposed to be paying for it but couldn't afford the whole thing so my mum was helping It is still in my mums name
  3. My mother signed up to buy a 3 piece suite for my sister They had an agreement that my mum would pay the bulk of the payment of £40 and she would pay £20 My sister has turned extremely nasty on the whole family due to mental health issues and we have all become estranged My mum wrote to her asking for her to take over paying the full amount but this has fallen on deaf ears and we have now discovered that my sister has actually sold the suite It is in my mums name and is still on finance. Has she broken the law?
  4. Well I cant say I was bullied because of any reason like that, just that I'd taken out a grievance on the previous manager (as earlier in this post) and this new manager is friends with her. Also I've suffered 2 miscarriages because of the stress endured. I was to be a surrogate and had 2 rounds of IVF which have both ended in miscarriage due to stress. I've had to reduce my hours twice because of the bad management of the place and the grief it has caused me. I have also been reprimanded for an ex employee coming in to visit everyone yet the managers own mother came to visit her and carried out confidential filing duties. This was witnessed and I have a statement to the effect. I've been stripped of my email address that I was issued by head office (it sounds trivial I know) whilst on annual leave, being told no adminstrators have their own email address and who do I think I am even though there ARE other administrators with their own address (hers from another home included!) ... I've returned from sick leave to have my name taken off the signature of the new email address and replaced with the woman who is filling in for me whilst I'm on reduced hours. There's so many things. I had a reply from the HR director after I declined his offer and was told he would let me know about the continued appeal in due course. My grievance hearing was on the 11th September - I received a response from that on the 11th October. I sent an appeal on the 14th October which I'm still waiting to hear about. Is there any length of time I have to start proceedings?
  5. This is what our policy states although as I said, the new company who now own us say as it was never enforced they will continue with what was done historically. It doesn't state anywhere 'discretionary' Under current legislation the company is only required to pay staff Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). In addition to this legal requirement: - a) During the first full year of employment, staff will receive one week sick pay in accordance with the member of staffs weekly roster. b) During the second full year of employment and all subsequent years of employment staff will receive one week sick pay in accordance with the member of staffs weekly roster. Should staff use all their occupational sick pay, employees will then be paid Statutory Sick Pay. Staff should be aware that S.S.P. would only follow concurrently after occupational sick pay has ceased. If there is more than an 8-week gap from either the finish of occupational sick pay or one period of SSP to another, then the legal requirement of 3 waiting days before being able to claim SSP will apply
  6. Sorry I dont understand what you mean about linking bullying to something else?
  7. I'd have to look through it. I've spoken to H R today who say I'm entitled to SSP. So that's good, they also offered me another £1000 on top of the original offer 'if it helps in any way' he said. I declined this also.
  8. Do u mean in the offer letter? I have written statements from people who have witnessed the bullying too along with emails
  9. My contract states I'm entitled to sick pay as per the policy - that stated a week sick pay for every year worked (which is 11 years) although a previous manager didn't enforce that, and only granted me 2 weeks so I've queried this with the head office but told they will continue wot was historical... I would however be entitled to SSP I do understand poor management doesn't make a case but surely my grievance for bullying does? This was lodged at least 2 months before I even knew about the redundancy
  10. Well... it's been a long time and since that manager left we were given another manager from another part of the scheme on a temporary basis. Because of the grievances I had brought against the previous manager, this one took an instant dislike to me. She kept me in a supervision for 2 hours, blaming me for all that had gone wrong in our company. She stated that staff morale was low and that was because of me and the errors that have been made with payroll even though I explained the payroll bureau we use is always using wrong hourly rates. She stripped me of my email address I was issued by Head Office when we were taken over stating that no administrators have their own email address and who did I think I was? when in fact her own administrator from the home she is a permanent manager has his own email address as do others within the scheme. On return from sick leave after a miscarriage I came back to find my name had been removed from my signature on the work email and replaced with the woman who has been standing in for a couple of hours a week. She contacted me everyday for the 1st 3 days of annual leave to ask silly questions and when I requested some time back for these interruptions I was told that I should expect to be contacted whilst away in my role and when I queried this and asked what if I was lying on a beach abroad, was told 'Well mobile phones do work abroad you know!' She reprimanded a colleague of mine when she told me she liked the top I was wearing, told her not to be personal with me and to keep any personal relationships out of work. She reprimanded me for having personal visitors in for a social call when an ex member of staff came in to discuss his final pay after he was wrongly made redundant (and has since won a claim against the company) yet her own mother came in to visit her and carried out confidential personnel filing duties to 'help out' This is a Christian nursing home I work for and have done for the last 11 n half years. I have raised a grievance against all these points as again my doctor advised me to reduce my hours due to stress at work. I was to be a surrogate (my employers knew about this) and have now suffered 2 miscarriages in the last 9 months. The grievance was not upheld apart from 2 points of training and I have appealed 3 weeks ago. I am yet to even have an acknowledgement to this appeal. We were told on Tuesday that the home is closing and we will be made redundant. I have asked for voluntary redundancy which was refused but I was offered a 'pre-termination negotiation' as long as I drop my grievance. Yesterday I received a letter offering me £5300 when the statutory redundancy is £5242 Could someone please help me with my questions: I have been working 15 hours a week instead of my contracted 37.5 so would I be entitled to be paid sick for the hours I have dropped on this occasion and the previous occasion? What steps do I take to negotiate this offer? I think offering me £60 on top of what I am owed by law is an insult! Or should I continue with my grievance and head down the tribunal route. The mismanagement and bullying tactics I have witnessed in the last year would make anyones hair curl. There are others with similar grievances about mismanagement also so it is not only my word. Any help really would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hmmm that's what HR said. But as for the new policy - as it states that only 1 company in the group has it's own policy, would that mean I am on the new policy??
  12. I've only just joined the union. This is already going on so it's nothing they'll help me with, hence why I'm on here
  13. Does the original policy not mean after the 2nd year staff are entitled to 1 week for each year worked, ie each subsequent year? Maybe I'm reading it wrong. And if the new policy states that only 1 other company within the group has it's own Sick policy - surely that would mean I'm under the new policy even though I was tupe'd over? U can probably see why I'm confused!
  14. I get what ur saying. I just think it's highly unfair. But I'm definitely within my rights to ask for pay even though there's no evidence the policy was put into force? The document was written and dated 2010 and we were taken over in 2011
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