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  1. Thanks fir all the replies. I got a verbal warning for poor attendance. The three other sickness periods were mentioned but no detail was gone into. One was when I had a problem with my leg, this was common knowledge I was on crutches for weeks. One was for stomach bug over Xmas, everyone at work caught it including my manager, the doctor signed me off in the publics interest as I work with food and the last one was last week I was heavily dehydrated after starting a new diet regime. I actually came into work but was very ill and my manager said I wasn't fit for work and sent me home. If he
  2. Thanks for the reply. I knew they would discuss the reasons and had it of been any other reason I wouldn't of minded. He said " this time you had a miscarriage so due to the seriousness of that we shall disregard that asence" Why did he need to say that? Surely he has no right to say that?
  3. Hi there, I work for a large supermarket. I have had 4 periods of sickness in 12 months and yesterday I was asked to attend a discerplinery to discuss this. I took along a colleague as my witness. During this meeting my manager proceeded to tell us all in the room the reasons for my periods of absence. One time I was off work for less then a week after having a miscarriage. And that was my personal business that I didn't want anyone to know. He blurted it all out in the meeting and now 2 other people know my private business. I felt sick and shocked he had laid my life bare for others to
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