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  1. Emmzzi - my wife isn't the bolshy type, but it's come to a point where if she doesn't fight her corner, she's going to get trampled on. In the past she's taken unfair comments and workplace bullying without causing a fuss, but it's clear to her (and to other members of staff) that she's now being victimised. She's even told her boss that she feels like she's being deliberately "pushed toward the door". Maybe my wording has made it sound like she's a battleaxe! Assisted Blonde - There are six "allegations". One regarding a sharps pin and one regarding waste clinical material being le
  2. Hi - I'll try to make this as concise as possible! My wife works as a nurse at a dental practice (mainly NHS patients). She returned to work this week after a weeks sick leave (not related to the disciplinary issue) and was called into a meeting with the practice manager immediately upon arrival. She was advised that she was expected to attend a meeting that lunchtime with one of the dentists regarding complaints made, which she did with some trepidation. She was informed that certain complaints had been made about her surgery whilst on sick leave, two of which she vehemently denies, t
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