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  1. Hi Bought a used car form large dealer Oldham cars fine but had a private plate on car we p/exd, salesman said he'd sort the transfer no problem as part of deal (we have evidence of this) BUT they sold our old car with reg still on now we cant get it off as DVLA say only registered keeper can transfer it and they wont, dealer basically ignoring our calls etc. as I've asked them to cover the cost of the plate but wont. Any one any idea on what if anything I can do? Thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks for reply I spoke with Mgr who asked for chance to repair which I agreed to so they collected it yesterday and gave it back to me "fixed" he said. It still grinds going 3rd to 4th, pulls to left and steering wheel still shakes a little, he has had his chance but failed to fix 3 of the issues. Where do I stand now as I feel I want to reject it more than ever now? Thanks
  3. I bought a 2008 vehicle with 51000 miles from a dealer and took delivery just over 1 week ago, I found the following problems straight away 1.steering wheel shakes badly @65 mph 2.steering pulls lightly to left 3.heater only works on number 4 position 4.gear grinds going from 3rd to 4th 5.mirror control fell off in hand. I have contacted them to say I want to reject the vehicle but he insists he has the option of repair first, I simply don't want to see it again after all these issues in such a short time but can I insist on refund as I would like? Thanks in advance!
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