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  1. Hi guys (& galls ?) Just opened a letter from TS They ask permission to talk to him, is this "the norm" or is it a good sign ? S/Sam, apparently if you reject something rather than ask for a repair you have to prove it is not as described, suitable for the use, un-roadworthy, uneconomical repair etc. I have pages of info on this guy and fully intend going armed with it to the police, just need a ream of paper & an hour or 2 spare o prep it all. Will keep you posted & if any 1 spots something I missed yell me plz. Cheers BT
  2. Hi all. We are new around here and looking for any useful information. Cut a long story Found car on ebay david drove to us "for a look at it" before I knew what was happening I was in the bank taking £1250 out I got home to hit the "buy now" to find the Renault Laguna had changed into a Saab (yes same item number) Sorted insurance out, went to car next am & a Tyre is flat, had that sorted then could not engage any gears. called T/ standards (as most know it is the CAB) They advised to reject the car & get an engineers report. After a few Emails I got " see you in
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