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  1. Thanks so much for your advice. I'm waiting for a chap from the Court to ring me back tomorrow.He's going to look through archives for more info. We certainly will make a statutory declaration if need be. I'll let you all know how it goes. It's great to know you guys are around. Best wishes,and thanks again.
  2. Hi There, Thanks for your reply. The only thing that comes to mind,was a car we sold at auction. Some months later we had a speeding fine sent to us,we contacted the auction house,and they sorted it out.
  3. Hi There, Hope someone can help us please. Today my husband received a letter from Magistrate's Office,saying he needs to pay £163 by April 2013. We had no idea what it was for,and there was no reference to it in letter. My husband is deaf,so I rang the Court on his behalf. All the lady could tell me was it was for having an unlicensed vehicle,and it dated back to June 2000,and referred to our previous address.We sold our then house in 1999,and moved 200 miles away in June 1999. The lady couldn't tell us any more info,such as what car reg it was etc. We have never had an un
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