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  1. post work programme support 5 months in : 1 job search form hand-in per week + 1 signing on appointment every 2 weeks 1 month to go and then relax.
  2. What's a CSS card? I'm starting my CSCS course next week.
  3. Would it be likely to be placed on the WP for a 2nd time i.e. 4 years.? Work programme 2 years>6 month post work programme support>employed temporary for X months>back to JSA for 3-6 months> Work programme for another 2 years?
  4. The Work Programme earliest finishing date is June 2013,anyone claiming they or their friends have finished the work programme already are making false claims. The only exception is people who have been removed from the Work Programme through sanctions from inattendance or other infringements,in this case the JC's ruling on activity post WP will be entirely different from the participants who complete the full 104 weeks.
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