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  1. Oh i am sorry, i thought this was a consumer forum where you could ask members for help, i didn't realise it was only for "more important" issues, Lets all pay our taxes then sit back and ignore issues of road safety and let motorists like myself just guess where the signs should be and what they should say, better still lets remove all the road signs that way we wouldn't have take time to read them and perhaps we could use the time to look for pot holes or police officers hiding behind hedges; all of our road tax could then be used help the sick and the elderly. What was i thinking of????
  2. This issue is a small part of an ongoing complaint to CW&C about their lack of maintenance of highway signs, we have road warning signs that are so dirty they cant be read from 1 mtr distance. missing speed limit signs, over grown warning signs, There are variable signs showing the orange disabled badge that were subject to DFT direction that they must be replaced by 1st jan2010,, CW&C's senior engineer admitted just this week that their funding for road signs was very weak yet they have found money to erect no waiting on grass verge signs throughout the borough, i can only presume tha
  3. The folowing are extracts from the consumer protection from unfair trading leaflet issued by the OFT A trader operates a car park. If he fails to clearly display the price(s) of parking at a point before the consumer enters the car park and incurs a charge, this would be failing to provide material information. Misleading Omissions (regulation 6) Giving insufficient information about the product 7.12 Practices may also mislead by failing to give consumers the information they need to make an informed choice (in relation to a product). This occurs when practices: • omit o
  4. ME TOO, I sent of my v5 and forgot about it, i then got a tax reminder so i rang the dvla, they said i had to write a letter stating when i sold it and who to, i did this but ommitted the VRM by mistake so it was returned to me, I did not get round to returning it straight away but shortly after i received a fine for failing to insure, (the new owner taxed the car with the green slip), I then sent a letter of appeal explaining the circumstances and received a letter stating they "would" let me know the outcome but i am still responsible until i have received an acknowledgement letter stating i
  5. Does a local authority providing a pay and display car park, have to abide by consumer law with regard to signs displaying conditions and regulations ?..A car park in Chester has no sign at entrance, The pay and display machine lists 6 contraventions that "may" incurr a penalty, then states ring 0300.......... for a full list of terms and conditions.
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