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  1. Hey guys, Just to let you know that after 6 months...and the Council rejecting my first appeal I appealed again to Patas and..... I WON!!! Thanks to everyone for there help, http://www.patasregistersofappeals.org.uk/...eref=2130244212 Many thanks
  2. Good Morning everyone, After my First Letter (see link below): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/415358/Appeal%20Letter/Letter%20One%20of%20Appeal%20PCN%20TT21316589.pdf As you know from earlier in the thread, The council rejected my appeal (See link below for the council's letter) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/415358/Appeal%20Letter/page1.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/415358/...etter/page2.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/415358/...etter/page3.jpg I have now finalised my Second Appeal Letter with the help of people on here. Was advised to only go the route of Council effectively admitting signage was poor with new Signs being installed. Adding other grounds of Appeal as stated in First letter would only confuse matters. Here is the second Letter: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/415358/Appeal%20Letter/Letter%20Two%20of%20Appeal%20PCN%20TT21316589.pdf Please let me know your thoughts on my letter and if you feel I should add/remove anything please do let me know. Will be sending out in the next few days. Many thanks for all your help on this Forum... hopefully this Appeal is successful this time. Thanks Sam
  3. Hey guys, Just a little update... as expected...received letter of rejection yesterday. (attached) Will most definitely be appealing again. In the process of composing another letter. Points to highlight: They mention I should have seen a sign on my chosen route... however they supply images of signs not on the route I took. No mention of the only sign that was on my chosen route that I SHOULD have seen on route being the sign facing the wrong way down a one way street. Also have failed to send me some of the info I requested. Anyway... if anyone wishes to add any suggestions for my next letter please feel free. I'll keep you posted on the next letter progress. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Just thought I'd attach (PDF) my letter that I've composed for those interested. Thanks to everyone for all their comments. Will be posting tomorrow by Special Delivery. Will keep you posted, Fingers crossed,
  5. Hi Art, Good news... I visited the area yesterday and have found that on Greatorex Street, the sign stating the CPZ zone is actually facing the wrong way. Its a one way street and can only see the sign from behind as its been hit. So you cannot see it from the way you drive in. I have pictures so will include this in the appeal letter. Will compose letter over the next few days and will let you have a look and see what you all think, Many thanks
  6. Art, Thats great, thanks. That wording you supplied do I need to alter anything for me case?? I'm thinking all of these things combined may help. Firstly my car was towed at 13:14 ...assuming my car was making an obstruction thats the reason for towing?? Yet at 14:00 I could park there and not be causing an obstruction? Seems over the top when Parking Ticket would have sufficed. Secondly... signage...although it seems there is signage at the entrance to the zone... I still think its very hard for a non-local to clearly understand whats what (Yes I know I shouldnt have parked there if I wasnt sure) but still?? Thirdly the point mentioned above about the size of the CPZ, I'm wondering if playing "dumb" as in not mentioning any "legal" stuff in the hope they see the honest mistake of a non-local.... or... I go full on "legal" quotes etc. Any advice?
  7. Ahh I see your point. Thanks. I'm going to check the entrances to the zone that lead to Spital Street and go from there, Many thanks for your help,
  8. It seems according to Google maps that there is NO CPZ signage entering from Hunton Street... I'm going to explore this at the weekend to confirm Will keep you posted. Many thanks
  9. Totally understand its my mistake but quite clever for the council to not show any signage on the actual road...but in streets leading to it. Anyway... I'm going to go back this weekend and search at all entrances to Spital Street. Hopfully there is a missing sign or obscured sign as you mention. Many thanks Arthur Dent. Will post an update. Thanks
  10. I now understand that the location I parked unfortunately was in a CPZ but for a non-local like myself this can be very confusing when the signage is in different streets. Surely towing seems over the top. A Penalty Notice I'd accept but £265 when I was causing no obstruction?? From 2pm you can park on the single line? But an hour earlier it is causing an obstruction and gets towed? Aanyone else have any input as to best route of appeal. What angle should I come from. Any help as to wording of letter would be appreciative. As I mention... the member of staff mentioned that only locals would know bout these and that I should use this in my appeal letter?? Any help/advice would be great,
  11. Single Yellow Line - Sunday 10th March 2013 - Spital Street - Parked at 11:15 approx I decided for Mothers Day to bring my Mum into London to experience Spitalfields Market. Was my first time of driving into London, so I'm not a resident or local. Returned to Spital Street (Behind Brick Lane) around 13:15 to find my car along with 5 others had been towed. Police Vehicle stopped and managed to help in finding out where my car was as there were no telephone numbers on signage to ring. Even the Police officers agreed that there was no signage as to make it clear about parking on a single yellow line. I didnt get any officers numbers though. A local resident approached and informed me that All day Saturday you can park on single yellow lines etc. for free no problem however on Sundays restrictions are in place. He said Theres be alot of confusion regarding this. Finally got to the Pound (£10 in Black Cab) and even the member of staff said that only residents would know about these restrictions and to use the fact that we are out of town residents in our letter when contesting. We live in Kent. I have 27 days to contest. Please advise on best route of action. I have attached a PDF with images of everything. I would really appreciate anyone to htake the time to view. As I say... there was no signage indicating parking restrictions or mentioning about on Saturdays you can park but Sundays you can't. Supplied Parking Ticket, Receipt of Release (£200) and Parking fine (£65) and only at my requst an appeal form. No other information given to me or wasnt told that I could have any other information. Many thanks Sam
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