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  1. hi all i just wanted to update, i called them this morning as i noticed my tax credits payment had gone in earlier than usual, so wondered if that meant they had looked at my claim. well - great news, they have processed my evidence and they accept that my single claim is indeed correct!! THANK GOD, i can not stress how relieved i am. so i wanted to update in case any one else is going through this and to let people know that i have had a good outcome so as long as are honest, you work with them and provide everything they ask for it will be fine but most of all i wanted to thank ev
  2. thanks so much for your kind, helpful words daniella am feeling a little bit better about things now, i refrained from googling yesterday, which has helped, lol i am trying to accept that it is just a waiting game now. x
  3. just bumping again (sorry) i sent everything i have off yesterday, which was, tenancy agreement in my name, rent statement in my name, bank statements in my name (along with notes on them showing when i made payments for food shopping, bills, things for kids etc), my council tax bill, my water bill, my housing benefit confirmation, my tv licence bill. all in my name. (i have gas and electric bills in my name but am waiting for them to send me copies then i will send them too) but still i am scared it is not enough because of ex only living at his new house last few months. also i doubt he
  4. thanks daniella and jadey. i can see that its good in a way that they now check everything, as i am sure there are a lot of people not being 100% honest. but this credit checking seems a really clumsy way of going about things, as i bet 10000s of genuine claimants have the same problem where their ex does not change their address for whatever reason and at the end of the day its the kids who will suffer because they will have stressed mums and possibly end up with no money coming in, people could lose their homes and everything anyway i am really trying not to worry too much b
  5. thank you both i don't think he would have applied for anything using my address, but may have still had certain things registered here up until recently. as i say, everything is in my name, i pay for everything, but i just hope what i have is enough. what i am concerned about is that he didn't have a fixed address up until the last few months, and the fact i gave them his new address on the phone but that was not enough its making me ill with worry and i have small children to look after and they need their mum to be 100% and i am just not
  6. hi there. i split with my ex in jan 2012. since he has left his mail has been coming to the house but he has been moved out since the day we split he has now finally changed all his stuff over in the last couple of months, as he moved in with someone just after xmas. the only thing he pays for me is the Sky, and thats because i cannot get it in my own name due to poor credit. he does not contribute in any way, financially or otherwise. everything is in my name, the rent, the council tax, the water, gas and electric, and he is not on the electral roll. i also pay for all my own food
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