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  1. Hello all, To cut a long story short back in 2011 I entered a competition that ended up being false and a way of the organisers to take my details and hack into my account - set up loans etc in my name It has taken until last week to get anywhere and despite much stress and banging my head against a brick wall I have finally done this The bank concerned initially refused my claim that it had happened as they said that my other half had access to the online banking so could not rule out it was her. I had money leave the account from both the hackers themse
  2. Hiya, Thanks for the replies. I have cancelled my card and am going to put something in writing to them tonight, any idea what I should put? They asked for card payment to be made there - there dads company - because they do not have the facility themselves but had no idea there may be any form of money laundering laws with it! - did not even cross my mind
  3. Hiya, bit more advice needed. I spoke with them and they had not escalated and wanted me to pay them ( via there dads company by card ) I gave my card details to them in letter authorising payment for Monday in full. However, they have emailed me today to say they are going to try and take £2000 today ( which I have not authorised them to do ) Are they allowed to do that? Also now that they are saying they are going to I am worried about them having my card details, am I legally able to say to them not to take the card payment now as they have proved to be reckless with my
  4. thanks again, how do I got about getting a variation order? - Have never heard of one before, I am off tomorrow is it something I can do in a day?
  5. Oh okay then, thats not good, Is there noway I can find out if this is the case or just a threat thats been made to me?
  6. Brilliant, thanks again, is that the same if they have appointed High Court Baliffs? Have never received anything like a warrant of execution
  7. Many thanks I will get that sent out tonight, Is there a way of finding out if baliffs have been appointed? or do I just have to wait and see if someone turns up? If I pop into the court would they be able to tell me?
  8. Hiya, Bit of advice needed, I have a CCJ against me for £5000 that is currently outstanding. Originally I was hoping to have this paid by the end of Feb - awaiting for a compensation payment to come in which would cover it - but that has come in late so looking like the end of April would be the earliest. There are two things I need advise on - Firstly is there an official form I need to fill in to propose the above repayment Secondly- Its a strange one but the debt is a personal money owed to someone, I have requested a number of times in writing but they keep sendi
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