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  1. Ooops just read that through and it sounds really rude. Apologies, but I never seemed to find the time at work to faff with a system that seemed determined to waste more NHS time. I was working part-time 4 days a week as both parents were ill, but was actually fitting the same job into the four days and on top was covering for girl who was pregnant and could'nt lug heavy gear and then off on maternity leave. I have attached my calendar over 2011. Each pink day is a day out if it has anything but KCH in title. Each of those days I had to load and unload either that day or day before or after, meanwhile trying to avoid getting a parking ticket. I think I did pretty well considering, but there were obviously 7 days that year when I took too long or got distracted

  2. FOI request

    "We can confirmthat East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) holds theinformation you have requested and is set out as follows:

    1. The numberof staff parking places provided at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital between April 2011 and April 2012. Please specifywhether these places were general staff or “hot parking” spaces.

    We can confirmthat EKHUFT provided 702 ordinary staff parking spaces and 41 hot parkingspaces.

    2. How manymembers of staff based at Kent and Canterbury had a staff parking permit issued between April 2011and April 2012. Please specify whether these permits were for general staffparking places or “hot parking” spaces.

    We can confirmthat EKHUFT issued, on average, 1381 staff parking permits. We are unable tosupply a figure relating to hot parking spaces specifically at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, as these permits are not site based, as are thestandard permits. "

    There was never anywhere to park it was always a nightmare, I don't know if there was a permissible time allowed for unloading equipment, I had not noticed anything but I supose I could ask.

  3. I left to work at another Trust in Dec 2011.

    Picture attached of all equipment for CT and wall checks on one trolley about 50kg. Usually two people would take this gear, but on one rare occasion i pushed all this at once. I would usually push about 25 to 30kg on trolley.


    To get everything out and packed away, might take me ten to fifteen minutes, but if I got distracted by work it could be longer. I could get a ticket immediately if parking attendents happen to come around, whether I had an unloading sign up or not and whatever the length of time I had been parked there.

  4. We gave up on unions after trying to go through that route with the mess made of husband's redundancy. The union support was worse than useless. I did talk briefly to my old rep before I went to another job. As I was leaving anyway, it came to nothing. I havent bothered joining union in my new job.


    I also talked to my line manager who was acting head of medical physics. That went nowhere.


    This would be typical nhs management, we are a tiny department and if there wasn't legislation covering what we do (radiation protection) mangagement would happily close us down in an instant. When we lost our old head of medical physics his salary still appeared in our budget, but was going to a chap none of us had heard of . The lady who really manages us (part time worker on about £6,000 a year) tracked down who was doing his annual leave, it appeared the money was being spent on someone hired as consultant to look at fraud inside the nhs. You couldnt make it up.

    With the new guidance coming in we will all soon be privatised anyway and provide as good a service as the privatised cleaners and agency staff.

  5. I filled in a form Defence and Counterclaim and under G Other Information put

    " I worked for East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust in the Medical Physics Section. I used my own car to take equipment for measuring x-ray alignment, output image quality to outlier hospitals at Margate, Ashford, Sheppey, Medway. I need to load and unload equipment at my workplace at Canterbury. My employer was fining me for doing the work assigned me."

    I made no counterclaim.

    Michael Sobell has acknowledged receipt of defence.

    I paid monthly for my staff parking permit. You pay no extra for Hot Parking, but have to justify it, on 12 trips per month, documented for three months on renewal. I have asked in FOI for percentage of Hot Parking Permit holders that can be demonstrated to have proved this, as it appeared to me to have turned into a management perk.

  6. My ex employer is taking me to court for non payment of parking fines.


    I parked to load and unload equipment as part of my job, as i use my own car to travel between sites doing quality assurance checks on x-ray equipment etc.


    I used to have a "hot parking permit" to allow me to do this, but the rules state that you need to do 12 trips a month and have proof for three months to qualify.


    For some reason the rules started to be strictly enforced.


    I had a slack three months, lost my hot parking permit and kept getting tickets.


    I still had normal staff parking permit, but there are never any spaces after 9am and I might not get back from another hospital till pm.

    (which is why we used to get the hot parking permit, which gave us dedicated space right outside our place of work).


    I thought I was being chased by Roxborough, but East Kent is taking me to court.


    Is it worth trying a solicitor or is it throwing good money after bad.

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