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  1. Hi Just to keep you folks updated this was the last response from Halifax :- am contacting you regarding the above disputed charge. Thank you for your email, although as per my colleagues previous email, we as a processing team are unfortunately bound by strict MasterCard regulations which gives us no further rights of recourse with returning the above two charges to the retailer. When you initially raised the dispute with us, we followed our process by reviewing the merchants documents in which they have re-presented to us. However as you raised the dispute with not recognising the transaction on your account, we reviewed the merchants documents and followed MasterCard regulations. Upon reviewing we took note of your details evident on the merchants documents, and following MasterCard regulations if your details have been provided then we have no right in being able to assist you any further with your claim. We understand that this is not the outcome you were hoping for but unfortunately in this instance there is no further action we can take. In view of the above information it will therefore now be necessary to re-debit our temporary credit which we applied to your account when you first raised the dispute with us. We try to help where possible but in order to reach a satisfactory outcome you would need to contact the merchant directly, as per MasterCard regulations we strictly do not have any rights to be able to issue a charge back (returning the charge to the retailer), or able to assist you any further with your claim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now in the process of liaising with the Financial Ombudsman in assigning an investigator to look into my case. They are keen to find out why Halifax have not done more to help. I will keep you posted
  2. I have just written an email and also the sent a similar email to the financial onbudsman. I will keep you updated. Thanks
  3. Hi Andy, Given the fact that Halifax has sided with Ryanair what how can prove that it was not me who booked it? they can check my IP address although that information was never disclosed on Ryanir provided evidence. According to Halifax's dispute information in order to request a claim under section 75 I have to write to them detailing what has happened. Regards
  4. Hi Anyorch I have the read the section 75 claim I could not find the form how do I process the claim please? Thanks and I am sorry I am so nervous
  5. This is the email Halifax have sent me today:- Card Number: **** **** **** 7047 Transaction Details: RYANAIR Transaction Amount: £415.49 & £377.31 Transaction Date: 13/4/18 I am contacting you regarding the above disputed charge. Unfortunately we are unable to assist further due to the dispute being describes as a “Do not recognise”, but due to your details being on the documents the merchant have submitted we are acting within MasterCard Regulations and cannot progress further with your case. As we had already credited your account with the same amount, it will now be necessary for us to re-debit your account, which will show on your next statement. PLEASE NOTE: When replying, please include your case ID (CCE-), initials, full surname, your post code and the last 4 digits of your card number. To help protect your identity and stay safe online, please do not send any further information regarding your identity by e-mail. Yours sincerely I have explained my case to them and it seems like Halifax are in favour of Ryanair. One of the members highlighted that Halifax have an obligation to protect its customer. What shall i do now gents?
  6. Hi I still have not heard from Halifax as they were suppose to call me from their complaints team. Would you advice that I start my filing for section 75 reclaim ? I dont want to leave it too late. Regards
  7. Hi Andy Thank you so much for all the help. I have spoken to Section 75 team they have now passed my details to their complaints team once i learn of their outcome then I will follow the steps outlined. Also how i go start a section 75 reclaim?
  8. They cannot prove i authorise the booking. They keep referring to their non refundable policy and so do Halifax
  9. Andy what can i do to get this resolved they are asking me to pay them £700 to something I didnt authorise.
  10. The only proof they have provided to Halifax is a log of passenger details and card details and nothing else. I argued that still does not prove that I did this however Halifax keep saying its not fruad as the details on the booking match to actual people involve. Their interpretation of fruad is if someone uses your credit card and falsley makes a claim with incorrect details. For that reason I was transferred to Halifax dispute team who liased with Ryanair and who then arragonatly return the chargeback to Halifax. All the details above has been requested by Halifax.
  11. Never been to spain cannot recall every using my debit except buying a play station few month before. What is section 75 reclaim? I have been dealing with Halifax's dispute team who then put in touch with Halifax Represents who have advised that Ryanair will not uphold and have resubmitted the charge. Halifax is providing inconsisted messages saying that the email I have recieved today was sent on the 04/06 when I only received this today. I feel that I am poorly mistreated and Halifax is not doing much to help me
  12. Hi I hope you can help me, on the 13/04/2018 there was a credit card trasnsaction made with Ryanair to fly from Manchester - Madrid and Madrid to Tangier Morocco on the same day. We normally travel to Morocco every summer to our home in Marrakech. We always book direct flights either from Manchester or Liverpiool. This transaction is unusual as I normally travel with my three children all aged under eleven. I immediately informed Halifax who raised a dispute against Ryair as it wasnt a fraud since the details matched. I have explanied to Ryanir and Halifax that I did not authorise nor recognise this transaction as its completely bizarre. We have an excellent record of using our credit card no issues with purchases and payments and to be honest we are planning on paying it all off very soon as we have less than £300 remaining. I am so upset and stressed as I dont want to pay for anything that I have not purchased or bought. Today Ryanair have advised Halifax they they will not refund on the grounds are as follows:- 1) Details of passengers match 2) No refund policy I have spoken to Halifax at length that the evidence provided by Ryanair does not substabtiate to the fact that it was I who booked the tickets and under their 'no refund policy' it is an easy escape route. We have prerviously booked tickets with Ryanair flying direct to Marrakech from Liverpool and London. Never once complained - however this transaction is so bizarre that firstly it is pointless booking a one way ticket to Madrid from Manchester then waiting around couple of hours to fly out from Madrid to Tangier. Now from Tangier to my hometown is further 5 hours drive to Marrkech when I could easily book direct flight to Marrakech and be there in my house within 3.5 hours from the UK. Between the connecting flights there isnt much time to explore, its a one big rush to one side of the airport to another. I say pointless because having 3 children and making them rush to one gate to another would be foolish and injustice. I have also offered the bank to check my previous travels that it will show that I have always travelled direct without any stops. I have no family, friends or flats in Madrid and Tangier and I feel that Halifax is being so unhelpful by applying pressure that I should make this payment. Please could you advice what I can do? Regards
  13. momon121

    Fine for v5c

    In July I did a part exchange with a motor trader, I completed the part 9 as I was no longer the registered keeper of that vehicle. I immediately posted the part 9 to DVLA to inform them that I am no longer the owner of the vehicle. It would appear that DVLA has not recieved my completed slip and thus imposing a fine for failing to inform that my vehicle had been sold to a motor trader. Hope that clarifies any confusion
  14. momon121

    Fine for v5c

    Hi In July I purchased a van and on the same day I completed the part 9 of the V5C and posted it. At the time I did not get proof of postage however after few weeks now DVLA are now issuing me with a fine of £80 as I have not declared. They have asked to me provide proof and I did made a copy of the original V5C before posting it now even then at this juncture they are not happy with the evidence. They are demanding that i have to pay the £80. I strongly disagree with their decision as it was not my fault if my post went missing. Is there anything I can do to challenge this late licensing penalty. Thank you for reading
  15. it seems so unfair that 2 missed appointments results in automatic termination of care regardless of your reasons
  16. Hi My name is Khadija I have been recently been informed by my dentist due to two missed appointments they have now terminated my dental care. The latest appointment I take full blame as I got the dates mixed up, however my first missed appointment this year was due to an accident I had that made it unable for me to attend. I called to explain why I could not attend and they understood and informed that my first missed appointment will not go against me. I have spoken to the Dental manager who has been looking into the matter and today I recieved an email without a detailed explanation that I now have to look for an alternative dental care. They also sent me a letter stating that within accordance to NHS regulations the surgury can now stop my treatment. I have checked the NHS website and the decision to stop any treatment is the sole decision of the surgry andnot the NHS. Being a patient at my surgury I do not recall ever being informed or having a copy of the surgury's policies. It seems so unfair to me that being with them for 5 years and having all my children at the same surgury the decision to stop my care is very irrational and hasty. Is there anyway I could pursue this further please because it I feel the dentist is more concerned about their numbers as opposed to my health. Please advice and thank you so much
  17. We appreciate that this has nothing to do with Ryanair. The train dropped us off 20 minutes before the gates closed. The gates closed at 05:40 according to our boarding pass and the flight was 06:10. We know that sometimes they give you 5 or 10 minutes leeway before the gates are closed. There were also delays in dropping our baggages as the the belt stopped moving causing ten minutes delay. Also when scanning our barcodes on our ticket was also delayed because one of the tickets would not scan . Despite all the delays we did manage to clear security in time but cannot recall there being much signs. As for asking for help between security and gate, truly there were no personnels in sight?
  18. Hi I am a mother of three children and we booked a flight to visit Morocco on the 28th July 2016 to see my elderly mother who just had a heart operation. This was our first ever visit to Stansted, normally we fly from Manchester but this year the ticket prices were so expensive. We arrived at the airport and checked in time. As we went into the departure lounge a train carrying passengers to their Gate pulled in front. So we went on to the train thinking that it would be take us to our correct gate. As the train made it stops at the different Gate it became apparent that the train will not take us to our gate. We found this later whilst being on the train as the speaker announced which destination is for each Gate. We got off the train and immediately informed one of the security personnel over the phone and they advised us that we remain in our position and somebody will come and collect us. It took them twenty minutes before any help was received. By then we were so tired we travelled the night before setting off from Burnley at 23.00 to arrive in London Stansted before 04:00. The security personnel that came along was not very helpful, all he did was that he give us a set of direction which we could not digest wholly at the time and went away. We started panicking and started running with my three children to get to our gates. It was so undignifying and humiliating as we ran around the airport asking people for help. Along the way we met a very kind security personnel who walk us to our Gate only to find that our Gate was closed. Learning that our gate was closed I broke down in tears and my kids also could not hold their tears. All three of them hugged me and cried with me. I felt so saddened in my heart that my kids holiday had been ruined. By then they were so tired and hungry, they've been awake since early hours of Thursday morning. We were then advised to go another zone to collect our luggages. The personnel who was working at the time was so rude and horrible. He was not helpful at all, we asked were to collect our luggages and he misadviced and we had to wait nearly two hours for our luggage. It appeared that he was annoyed by me asking for his help and spoke back to me abruptly and instructed me harshly that I go and sit down. Later I contacted another personnel and she made few phone calls to trace the whereabouts of my luggages and it went missing then it was later found. No apologies no sympathy were ever shown towards me or my children. There were no point of help, we suffered from dehydration. We could not not use the vending machines as it swallowed the money that my daughter inserted into the machine. We were 225 miles away stranded without any support or help. Whilst waiting for my luggages my husband was worried and concerned as to what happened, so I passed the phone to my the gentleman who was rude to me so he could explain. I could not speak very well because I was in a state of shock and could not believe what just happened . So my husband spoke to the personnel and he seemed extremely annoyed as to why he had to repeat the whole information back to my husband. My husband the shy man that he is remained silent and turned around and came back to the airport. I have travelled many times to Morocco from Manchester, never did I miss my flights. It is not the case that we cannot read or speak English, we are very fluent. in English. There were lack of signs and information in the departure lounge in the airport. The time between getting off the train and not waiting 20 minutes we could have easily walked to our correct Gate. When we arrived home could we just crashed into our bed with blisters on our feet, my son who is only 5 felt so exhausted was in the bed for nearly two days. As we write to you for help and advice my kids are seeing tears streaming down and my eldest girl who is only 9 is comforting me by hugging me. I feel I have been mistreated unfairly, at worse shown extreme rudeness by selfish personnels and £1440 ticket has been wasted. Please can you advice what i can do? Thanks
  19. That is what I have done, i have send an email and also included Council Water for North West. They are terrible, I mean I had a Gas Bill touching £1000 and I got on the phone and they were more than willing to help and to send final payment reminders and also threatening letters it is very insulting.
  20. Hi, On the 13th May I received a payment reminder from United Utilities. The bill was dated on the 24/04/15 and strangely arrived on the 13/05/15. I double checked to see if I misplaced the first bill and it appears I have not received no bills from United Utilities since my last payment in January. I did not think much so I paid the full amount online. Today I receive another letter from United Utilities legal department demanding that I pay £157 which is double the amount what they were initially asking. I never have issues paying on time, I am very angered by the late arrivals of their letters and threats. Is there anything I can do to challenge United Utilities. As far as I am concerned the bill is up to date and I am being punished for their errors and delays. Kind Regards
  21. Hi It is a combi boiler. The £707 bill is a revised bill after checking the initial bill. My concern is why have they left a massive gap since September 2013 for actual reading to take place. With most of the family members are out during the day time and evening the heating only gets used from 20:00PM onwards and even then its minimal but some reason its clocking something like 2.2 units a day. We were using more gas during 2011 and 2012 as most of family members were at home. Now with all the kids at school and misses working in the evening and kids have evening activities my gas bill should be a lot less than previous years based on consumption
  22. Hi Years my bills have always been around £300 from October - December. However according British Gas they last recorded actual meter reading from my property since September 2013. Since September 2013 all my gas and electric bill has been based on estimates. For the period of October - December 2014 my bill has been £707 which is double the amount what I would normally. In the past I have always called up to make payments and at the same time giving actual meter readings. There has been no changes in my life and I have been using the central heating periodically similar for the past four years. The BG advisor calculated and worked out that I am using 2.2 units of gas per day. I accept that during winter times the heating is on more during summer, however a good portion of the day we are all out. Kids at school, I'm at work. My wife does the house errands and teaches during the evening time. Each time the central heating is being used we only leave it for an hour then its switched off. I suspect it could be the meter but if the meter is not at fault I end up paying a call out charge. It seems so harsh that British Gas never leave calling cards and they expect you to do all the chasing. I dont have the money to pay such a high bill. Can anyone advice how I can challenge this. Best Wishes
  23. peace everyone. I have good news for you people thanks to you kind people the insurance is paying out which is valuation of gold they stipulated. Thank you much
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