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  1. I don't know where you stand but, surely if there was a bad oil leak you would have noticed this where you park, on your drive or on the road. However, if you have not checked the levels in 11 months, I would think you are somewhat to blame, if this has been a gradual loss of oil. If however, the loss has been major in a very short amount of time, the answer could be very different. Did you not have an oil warning light to tell you the oil was low?
  2. I purchased a replacement laptop battery via Ebay in August 2013, and chose this supplier as they advertised a 1yr warranty. I paid for the item via Paypal. 9 months down the line, the battery has failed. The supplier has refused to replace it FOC, and wants a part payment, about 75% of the full cost to send another battery. My view is that a warranty supposedly guarantee's the item purchased for a given period of time, and if it fails within that time, then it should be replaced at the suppliers cost, not the consumers. What are your views, please?
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