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  1. In hindsight, I now know that a little code (YP) in the corner stands for Young Person's Rail Card Discount ... How is the layman supposed to know about this. I know that when I get a train ticket, I look at the 'to' and 'from' destinations and if I'm returning on a different date, then I check that too - I don't really pay attention to anything stated on the ticket. I've read them before and it all seems pretty standard. If we (i.e people who do not work for rail companies) are supposed to check each detail on the ticket then they shouldn't be using codes to identify what the ticket is! Plus, how did the ticket office sales person sell this ticket without requesting valid identity? You get ID'd for cigarettes and alcohol (if you're lucky or underage!) and if you are underage and "get away with it" then it is the retail outlet that is punished, not the consumer! How is this any different? It should not be possible for an invalid ticket to be sold to somebody without the correct documentation. It should not be my girlfriend going through this but the ticket office person who obviously needs some training! (no pun intended!)
  2. she was travelling on cross country trains and only refused to pay the difference as it was their error and she did not understand how she had done anything wrong, she did not know the usual price of this ticket as she had never travelled to Leeds on the train before, the fact she was sold a ticket with a discount without being asked for proof of entitlement or requesting a discount is just weird - does this not equate to her being given permission to travel on an invalid ticket by an employee of the rail company? - thank you for your help with this it is much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, My girlfriend is going through the same sort of thing, although she went to the ticket office and asked for a return from Southampton to Leeds. The guy in the ticket office sold her a ticket which she paid for in full, but it wasn't until half way through the journey when a ticket inspector asked to see her ticket that she found out she had been given a Young Person's Rail Card discount - She doesn't have a YPRC so has no idea how she got the discount. The inspector said she had to pay the difference but she said no because she asked for a normal ticket and paid what she was asked to pay (plus she was a bit distressed as her father had been taken into hospital due to a serious accident - hence the travel to Leeds). Anyway, the inspector said he was going to make a report - My girlfriend thought this was a report into how she had been sold the wrong ticket - not something that was going to end up with her being summonsed to court with a possible criminal record! We don't know if she should plead guilty, guilty with mitigating circumstances (i.e it wasn't her fault the wrong ticket was given to her!) or plead innocence (as it wasn't her fault!) - The train company also haven't given the opportunity to pay the difference now this investigation is underway, which seems a bit sucky! Plus, they want to claim that she "intended to travel with the intent of not paying" (or something) which is rubbish because she did pay - what she was asked to pay at the ticket office!
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