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  1. Hi all Spoke to Toshiba, they said the Laptop is faulty, as in hardware. Phoned catalogue who, only after me speaking to Toshiba, agreed to return the item for a full refund. Feel pretty cheesed off about going through Toshiba but the end result was what I wanted. I did have a phone call from Trading Standards who were also very peeved with Littlewoods attitude, so at least they are aware of Littlewoods and if any body else contacts them they know what they are dealing with. Either way, having sites like this one would have made me confident I would have beat them in
  2. Well I just spoke to the Consumer Helpline through CAB and they state the same as you guys, that it's Littlewoods that need to deal with this and not Toshiba. I have been advised to put it in writing rather than email so a letter is about to be sent. These damn big companies, why do they always try and stamp on their customers? I just don't get it I didn't even get a free version of word on my Laptop! So I don't know if it would have worked or not lol. I will keep you guys informed for sure. Jack
  3. Unfortunately I have other stuff. This is their response to my complaint (although I am sending one by post today):- "Thank you for your email about the faulty Toshiba Intel Core laptop. Have you contacted the Toshiba helpline? This is stated in our terms and conditions that we will refer you to the supplier helpline if an electrical item develops a fault. All you need to do is contact the helpline confirm the item has a hardware fault. Once this is confirmed as the item is under 28days old we will happily replace or refund the item. If you do not contact the
  4. OK. Letter will be posted Monday after speaking to Trading Standards. Cheers for the advice,
  5. Thanks for your advice. Therein lies the problem. I have already clearly stated I want a FULL refund, thus they have twice now re-directed me to the Manufacturer. I have now once again emailed them with a specific sentence of "I am rejecting the goods". I await their respose. Jack
  6. Hi all Just want to pick your brains on something. I purchased a Toshiba Laptop from Very Catalogue, which was delivered on February 28th 2013, just over a week ago. I switched the Laptop on and it started to go through the process of setting itself up etc, all good so far. Then it shut down during the process. Not a good start. After three tries I managed to finally get the Laptop setup. Since then, everyday and several times a day, I get the horrible 'Blue' screen fault. Having Googled the error it seems to be a Lan driver problem. I did the usual, full recovery
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