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  1. Non of this is about redundancy either but thanks for monopolising on the tone of my post and twisting it around to encourage sympathy for yourself. You're not the only one who got made redundant in the last few years. I can count at least five people who lost everything but fortunately they didn't have children as redundancy would have only brought misery to them. Same as false security seems to draw bad decision making around having children in this country.
  2. Yes we do need shelf stackers and bean counters, also maintenance engineers. However, we also still need qualified people who are prepared to go through the process and expense of higher education so that we have a skilled work force. If we all settled for what was immediately attainable we would get no where and someone has to keep doing the jobs others retire from. Also I won't be moving to Coventry but your comments have been well received.
  3. You too and thanks for your message, and yes I'll probably still be working in care but at least we tried x
  4. Hello all, I'm here to put some focus on the troubles faced by graduates these days but I think they are just another category affected by the fall out of a bitter recession. However, this does nothing to ease the grief of leaving full-time university education and there's no where for you to go, apart from back into it for another two years in the hope you'll have a better chance of getting a job. What really stings me is that years ago you could pretty much ask for what you wanted re employment and wages following and MSc in some of the top areas like the sciences and engineering. Now, there's absolutely nito opportunity and it really is disgusting! However I feel worse for those leaving school who'll have the most energy and enthusiasm for life that they'll ever have and there's no where for this to be channeled. Instead they'll most likely grow angry and resentful of the country which does not reward anyone by providing opportunity and direction, or their hard work and achievements. People are responsible for this - the tories throughout their existence for one because the rot started with Thatcher for sure. However only God knows why they were voted in during the 90's to carry on ruining the country. These people do not represent the ordinary working person of this country like myself and my ancestors of whom all were working class. The do not represent me because they took away all that the working classes created, a first class rail network which now costs more to run than they expected to save by fu*king it up in the 60's. Not to mention the loss of ship building, engineering and many other areas which would have provided much more than revenue alone, opportunities for the younger generations of whom would inevitably grow up and need to work. Now some young people grow up to be problems for society, or they leave with 18K plus debt like me and no way of shifting it anytime soon. People really need to have a good think, preferably beyond the end of their nose and apart from what they're told by the media, before they go to the voting booths. Yes labour didn't do that great after Blair left but how will a set of banker politicians help the situation? Also we have at least one bank under state ownership, all the others should be too, considering the majority of the uk population aren't millionaires, so this may benefit us.
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