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  1. I am trying to ask Bankfodder a question and link it to him in which I don't think is quite the same as linking it to a thread but I am happy to be corrected or have it done for me !!!!
  2. It makes my head go all dizzy just reading the instructions !!!!!
  3. I have asked a PM and have been told to link it to my thread ...that is the next thing I need to know ....and then I need to remember how to do it again next time !!!!!!
  4. Persomally I find it very hard to take in the all the information available on this site and try to carry on running my life/business (despite the banks efforts to bankrupt me ) sometimes its a bit too time consuming to read everything ...........I would be grateful if a site helper would tell me how to link in a pm ???
  5. I have the AQ to fill out as Barclays is defending and am uncertain if I can use the same basic court bundle as I have an idea any small claims case has to be under £5,000/..... I would be very grateful if you could help explain this . I have asked Bank fodder to answer this.....
  6. sorry don't know how to PM Bankfodder!!!!
  7. I also like your style !!! I would like someone to answer the Question Please.......If the claim is over £5,000 can the same system be used , it is in fact £7,000 with costs so far incurred ....anybody know ????
  8. The claim I am helping a friend with is over £5,000 can we still use this court bundle...????
  9. At least we all know we are not alone in this !!!
  10. Thanks for the support it's so hard to keep going especially paying out more money straight after xmas ....
  11. Help ........ please...... Barclays are defending my friends claim ........... the case has been transfered to a local court and she has a whole pack of forms to fill out....more money to pey out .....what should we do ??.......It is an allocation questionaire .....
  12. Help ........ please...... Barclays are doing the same to me...... the case has been transfered to a local court and I have a whole pack of forms to fill out....what should I do ??.......It is an allocation questionaire .....
  13. I have asked for refund of another charge of £39, my other 5 years of charges was returned in August ....they have offered me a partial settlement !!!! But also they threatened to close my account if there are any charges in the future ......
  14. I spoke to someone called Rachel Hinchcliffe in legal services, when I was at your point and was paid the same day after she had sent me a fax !!!!
  15. Advice needed please ..... I have been offered full and final settlement and all I have done is the Request for repayment of charges letter !!!!!! However a threat is contained in their letter, which states that future charges will stand and and they reserve the right to close my account if I don't manage it correctly .... What do people think I should do?? I have another account as back up....
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