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  1. I have recently fallen on to hard times, and as such have made an offer to my banks (yes more than 1) to pay what i can afford each month. my problem is i have a loan, credit card and current account with HSBC, I used to have my pay go in there every month and they would direct debit the payments out of there. when i came into difficulty, i immediatly canncelled all direct debits and opened up a simple cash account with halifax. Unfortunatly HSBC refuse to cancel the 2 direct debits for my loan and Credit card. i came to an agreement and pay a some from my halifax account into my loan account and credit card every month but still HSBC try take the direct debit and subsequently charge me for a non payment. When i called HSBC in the beginning to cancel the Direct debit, the said they are unable to cancel those 2. Is this Legal?
  2. Hi, I have a number of bank charges that i would like to claim back, my problem is i do not remember when i opened the account, neither do i have all my statements dating back that far to see what charges were taken. Is there some way i can get these charges or is there no hope? thanks in advance
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