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  1. Hello everyone, My father is paying a very large amount of CSA debt, payments which cover my brother and I up until the age of 18. However, I know that for me - this is incorrect. My mother was neglectful/ treated me very badly in my childhood, which resulted in me leaving home to live in a hostel before my 17th birthday. After I left home, she refused to declare details of her income so that I could claim EMA (education maintenance allowance) whilst I was at college- whilst continuing to claim family allowance for me as if I was still at home, resulting in me having no income whats
  2. Hi there, If anyone can tell me the answer to this i'd be most grateful. As a buyer of a share are you permitted to offer less than the price that is advertised? Thanks, jovanna .
  3. Ok, so you don't think a solicitor can do much about it and you can't tell me because you're not sure and have never been in my position, but I shouldn't get my hopes up...not being rude but I'm struggling to understand why you've even responded when you don't know the real answer. Nevermind.
  4. Maybe I could get a consultation and represent myself, as I am confident in court. It's just that I would be unsure as to what I'd be asking for, I'm not sure if a court order can be granted for child support arrears. . Would you happen to know? thanks anyway Ros1609. x
  5. Hi all, I hope you can assist or provide some advice in this matter because I am feeling quite deflated right now. Over a year ago now, I arranged for CSA to take deductions from my ex partners benefit because he kept failing to pay child maintenance for my son. They said that he would only pay £5.00 per week because he's on benefit. Since I've opened the case I've barely received any child maintenance. I did believe that this was down to a loophole that my ex partner was taking advantage of, by not signing on and then signing on before CSA had chance to take any money.
  6. Sorry just to add to my last post, I asked them whether it would be worth me contacting them as soon as payment is missed to prompt them into making a new application for deduction...As I know in my line of work, if the person has their JSA stopped, arrears direct stops too and we have to make a new application each time. Thanks.
  7. @reallymadwoman, I've told them about his inheritance, CSA wouldn't even look into it because it was not £60,000 (£50,000 though) I emailed CSA today because I called them this morning about an automatic letter I received saying that I will receive payment by such and a such date, and I didn't receive anything. My phone call to them seemed to prompt them into making another application to have the money deducted from their benefit (as the woman confirmed that she had spoken to their benefits section and they told her that they had just made an application) plus, in the past, I've noticed
  8. I did think it could cost me, but I also thought it would be as simple as getting a court order for the arrears he owes, because CSA says he does owe it- regardless of whether he's been sanctioned or deliberately missed signing on or not. I've decided that I am just going to keep in touch with CSA - as soon as a future payment is missed I'll ask them to reapply for direct deduction againpromptly so he doesn't get the opportunity to receive a full JSA payment- I do believe this is a loophole though, just wanted to see if anyone else knew about it. Thanks all the same Ros1609.
  9. .@ Really mad woman, yes, your average person who has JSA as their only means of income would ensure that signed on every time. My ex partner has previously lied about ailments to get a sick note from the doctor which would excuse him from having to attend JSA appointments. Aside from this, my ex partner has inheritance money which he can use when he is not getting JSA, and he also occasionally gets cash in hand work. And yes, he has previously not complied with his jobseekers agreement. Yes the deductions are £5.00 per week (£10.00 per fortnight). I didn't consider it relevant to m
  10. @ ros1609, I'm not interested in proving that he has been sanctioned, I'd just like to know whether there is a loophole where when a person does eventually sign back on, a deduction isn't made immediately by CSA, which a claimant would get to learn about, and therefore take advantage. I'd also like to know whether I can take legal action myself for the arrears that have accrued..
  11. @ Really mad woman, I am already aware of that, but thanks anyway.
  12. Hello there, I am having deductions made for child support from my ex partners JSA. However I believe that he is purposefully not signing on (i.e, missing appointments) or getting himself sanctioned so that payments cannot be made to me. I also believe that when his benefit is reinstated, the deductions are not made automatically by CSA, so my ex partner is paid more JSA than what he usually would be..Hence he's discovered a loophole in the system that he can continue to abuse. Can anyone shed light as to whether or not I'm correct? Also, if this is a loophole that he is abusin
  13. I am not sure what you mean @ Emmzzi. This is what their solicitor has told my solicitor.
  14. The witnessess are the other side. After I provided my evidence, they went off sick. The case was originally listed for a week in April, and the tribunal cancelled this to be listed for another date, following evidence they provided of illness. They're currently waiting for medical information which would indicate when one of the witnesses would be fit enough to attend the hearing, but to date this hasn't been received. I am told that the tribunal could decide to list the case without it- or indeed decide not to.
  15. Hi There, I'm hoping someone with experience of how the tribunal work can advise me on this. If a key witness is unable to attend due to sickness, and doesn't provide any sick notes or letters from their doctor (after the case was listed and cancelled due to this) can the tribunal decide not to re list the case? Can the tribunal consider the case in their absence and what factors are taken into account? Thanks Jovanna x
  16. What does it mean to dispose of a case, does it mean that the judge would make an order without having a hearing? Or cancel case completely? Yes, I'm thinking it could take another few moths if re-listed; I really would like this done and dusted so I can move on with my working life.
  17. Thanks for that Becky. It's listed for 4 days. I have a feeling that the judge could reject it anyway. If I was looking at it (although I'm not a judge lol) I'd think, how awfully coincidental it is that they're both off sick just after me submitting my evidence. And, they've not even done their witness statements yet. Do you have any idea on how much extra time judges tend to allow in these circumstances? do you know what the judges take into consideration?
  18. Hi again, It does seem incredibly heavy handed punishment, what I mean is, if you had done this before and if you didn't lock up properly due to being careless, and there's evidence of this then I could understand them disciplining you. But there again, we don't know the full facts because there's been no investigation! I've left the front door to my house open by accident, which is something I would definitely not intentionally do. Are they recording this incident on your employment records as gross misconduct? Have you had to sign anything in a meeting in relation to it? If y
  19. Hi, I would advise you to attend the meeting, and take a representative, or a friend for support. This will give yourself an opportunity to put your point across, and possibly save your job. If not maybe you can plea for a good reference that will enable you to move onto something new. Unfortunately, I cannot see how you would be able to pursue this as discrimination, though you may want to get some legal advice or go your local citizens advice office. Yes I can see that your manager is quite cantankerous, (is probably under pressure too because the office is a shambles as you say).
  20. Hi Weavieb, Yes I too would ask, what was it that you did that constitute Gross Misconduct? Its my understanding that if indeed you have committed an act of gross misconduct that you should have a proper investigation into the matter, and an opportunity for you to defend yourself. For example, it could have been something that you very unintentionally meant to do, or the misconduct could boil down to other things, such as you being unaware of proper procedures or a gap in training. It seems wrong for them to have this hold over you. especially as you've not had chance to properly def
  21. Hello there, I'm hoping that someone can advise, or has maybe been in my situation. I was made redundant whilst I was preganant and took the company that I worked for to tribunal in August 2012. The case was due to be heard next month, but my solicitor has recently advised me that the main witnesses of the company have gone off work long term sick. This is following me submitting all of my evidence, which is quite strong evidence, a few weeks ago. They intend to ask the tribunal for a postponement on this basis, which I have agreed to so it doesn't prejudice my case. So it;s now down to a
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