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  1. WHat if you have protected no claims?
  2. My old man is a bus driver 73 years old drives buses for the Big Bus company and he got one of them in London.
  3. I had the same problem. Bought 2 pairs of same trainers but different sizes at the same time over the phone with Littlewoods. however we received 1 but not the other and when tracking it online they both say signed for. I phoned them up and they confirmed this I advised they are wrong and we haven't received it they also advised they were with the same driver at the same time. They said they'll look into it and a few hours later they knocked on the door and there they were it was the same driver I gave her a peice of my mind. She gave me the trainers and walked off without me signing for them. I think they're a disgrace. there's a big facebook group about them with over a million likes.
  4. May is ask how old your pet is. some insures apply a % at a certain age,
  5. I would advise to wait on a letter from TFL, I would imagine you would be penelty fared. when it comes explain what happened but i wouldn't advise stating you didn't know it was an offence, even tho you are both students you're using someone elses card and the inspecter can't take your word for it. hope it goes ok
  6. the problem is with insurance people are finding the cheapest cover around, but the problem i find with the years i've been working in insurance is a lot of people don't think why it's cheaper and this is the reason as to why they charge ridiculous amounts of money for doing the simplist things and have stupid clauses in there policies to catch you out. I always advise people always dig deaper then the price you see no matter what insuance you are looking at.
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