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  1. I did escalate, and they said as a good gesture they can refund £220, but still there is £1100 missing, so I refused, they said the rest is the fee for the first month cover. so I raised it with the FOS, it's ongoing now, but the FOS will only try to arrange for an agreenent between both parties, and I am sure the brokers have put enough small footprints somewhere to cover themselves.


    I just advise people to avoid them, the truth is that when you look for an insurance on a comparison website, go for the known companies and do your research in forums like these before throwing your hard earn money to [problem]mers.


    Quotes you would get for big names are not the cheapest you can get. Contact the companies directly and you can get good deals. In fact, I managed to get a cheaper insurance and much more comprehensive with Admiral than from those [EDIT]...


    I am not the kind of person who watches someone taking my money and not react. I will see what FOS will say, if they cannot help I will take them to the small complaints court and defend my case myself...

  2. I which I read this thread before I paid them. This company is absolute a rip off indeed!

    The policy started, I did the mistake of paying them the amount in full, that was already very expensive, around £1800, a month later I receive a cancellation letter and a refund of £560. When I called them to say I didnt ask for any cancellation, they said it's because I didn't send them a proof of address! I asked why I wasn't sent any reminder, they said they did via email!!!! How can you cancel a policy and give notice by email!

    I guess this is how they make money, by [edited] from people! Shame!

    Please avoid them, they will find a way to rip you off!

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