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  1. Your employer must also not allow you to work during the period of time that you are signed off for.
  2. SMIA

    Akward GP

    My daughter has eczema and has to use a number of creams, but non contain steriods. It took a while but we did finally find one which worked with the help of our GP. As previously advised, the long term use of steriods can have side effects and can think the skin. However, one does wonder why a GP would refuse the advise of a specialist. What is the point of seeing a specialist if the GP just ignores the advice? Isn't that a waste of time and money?
  3. SMIA

    Hospital neglect

    There are a number of issues involved here and it would appear that your mother suffered from underlying health issues which may have contributed to her death. However, missing your mothers broken hip is unacceptable and shouldn't have happened. Whether this contributed to her death, however, is not clear and would require further questions to be asked. Any surgical procedure has associated risks and these only increase with age and declining health. My recommendation would be initially to contact PALS at first and make a complaint in writing asking for answers to the questions you have
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