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  1. Hi guys, Occasional reader and browser of site. I wonder if any of you good people have had any experience with First Capital Connect and changeovers/refunds and how long it took to receive the funds. Background info: I moved from London into Bedfordshire and purchased an annual season ticket for Arlesey to London zones 2 to 6 at a cost of £3876.00 starting on 7th September 2012 to 6th September 2013. I used the season ticket loan policy at my workplace and I’m paying £323 per month. I’m now moving back into London and will need to do a changeover and claim a refund for the difference in cost. I will be handing the ticket back on March 22. I’m hoping the money will arrive at my workplace by 28th April as I really can’t afford to have £323 deducted from my account as I will have rent to pay that month. Has anyone else been in a similar position? If so, what would you advise? Are there any tricks to speed up the process? A letter from my employer perhaps? Regards
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