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  1. Ok, can you elaborate? Is that not an invasion of privacy if they are to go looking for my details published only for professional reasons on sites such as linkedin to try and contact me for this? I don't claim to know the in's & out's but I am hoping you do
  2. I have no idea and I am reluctant to phone them and ask them... To be fair though if you have my name it isn't hard to find as my details are on linkedin etc for career reasons etc so I can only assume that is how, bit naughty though if that is the case I would think... Borders on harrasment does it not?
  3. Ok now I have received a text from Mackenize Hall (debt recovery), Anyone have any dealings with these they can shed some light on? Perhaps the process they use so I know what to expect next? Thanks in advance everyone
  4. Is that nope as in, nope they have no special authority because its an airport or nope don't ignore the PCN? Also do the debt collection agencies just send letters or do they actually show at your home?
  5. Hi there, I recently received a PCN whilst pulled over at Liverpool Airport, I have done some research and the general opinion seems to be ignore them however I wonder if these apply more strictly at airports? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
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