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  1. Yeah I've just applied for a mortgage and it's been declined on this basis, I have emailed the 4 lenders I have taken loans out with asking for the information to be removed, I know they don't have to record anything so hopefully I can convince them, if not I will go on a letter writing campaign!
  2. Hi I was just wondering if you have had any success with this, I came across your thread and I'm in a very similar situation?!?!?
  3. Does this mean there is a chance to ask for them to be removed from my report, as there existence is having a negative effect?
  4. Hello as of yet I have heard no reply from HSBC about my PPI Claim, it has been nearly two months?
  5. The only notice they have given, states "notice to seize goods for public auction" they have never mentioned the car which is a lease vehicle through the mobility scheme. but my sister was the only person listed so therefore it wouldn't have been joint. The only things the bailiffs have threatened was to have the police gain entry but that was 2 weeks ago and that hasn't happened.
  6. She does have a car but it is a mobility vehicle, Nissan Qashqui,, how would I find out if the vehicle have been levied?
  7. That's brilliant thank you, my sister is going to the council today to give me authority on her account to deal with this, should I still call the council and push that she is classed as vulnerable? And if so what should I say? Or should I just send the above letter?
  8. [ATTACH=CONFIG]49462[/ATTACH] Hi my sister has received her reply from Rundles. I have included the letter with personal details removed. however it is worth noting that we offered £50 per month for 11 months and a 12th payment of £31.50 roughly. The payments mentioned in the letter was a payment of £200 and then £201. The Bailiff has also posted a final demand through the door giving 24 hours. Is there anyway i can deal with this on her behalf the only issue is i live in Newcastle and she lives in Hull, can we do this over the phone?!?!?!?!?!?
  9. Is there any way I can contact the council on her behalf, mainly because she is quite stressed with all of this, I live in Newcastle and she lives in Hull though?
  10. Hi all took me a while to post back, following the example of another thread i sent this letter to the bailifs with the relevant details change, i also sent a letter to the council stating with that i had down so and included a copy of the letter. Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Your Reference I understand XXX Council has appointed you to recover my Council Tax Liability arrears for 200x of £xxxx. Firstly I would like to make you aware that I am fully aware of my rights and you will not gain entry to my home under any circumstances to levy goods and I know the fees allowed under statute and when these fees can be applied. Due to my circumstances I am unable to pay this in one payment. I advocate a payment schedule of 24 months with 23 months payments at £xx.xx and the balance of £xx.xx to be paid on the 24th month to cover the principle. I understand this may seem a long time but this is a realistic offer that is affordable to me and will allow me to pay future bills issued for Council Tax without them falling into arrears. A greater amount would cause me real and actual hardship. I am able to pay the above amount on the xx of each month, as an act of good faith I have enclosed the first payment chq number xxxxxx. Please advise how you would like future payments made. My personal preference is payment by Standing Order. It should be noted that I am not at any point refusing to pay this debt but only asking for a fair payment period considering my circumstances. And if you are unable to accept my offer I will place the money aside each month until such a time the council take the account back into their management, when I will make payment of the set aside money to the council. Please also send an itemised statement of account that clearly shows what charges have been added and what for, you are required in statute to supply this information and I look forward to this within 14 days. I am sending the council a copy of this letter and requesting that it be filled with my account for further reference. I hope the above meets your approval and I look forward to your timely reply by letter. Yours faithfully, ... They were sent recorded delivery yesterday, is this a good place to start or should i force the council to take it back? T
  11. No there has been no levy, to my knowledge, they have never been in to the property etc. they said they may be back with the police to gain entry though?
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