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  1. A big thank you as the last one number 4 had me worried. Sent this months payment today so one more left. On the 21 days to pay costs, is it from date of order or from day received? The SAR is going tomorrow as going post office first thing.
  2. Will work on that tonight. And what am I asking for off Moneyway?
  3. First hearing was 3rd August 2021. Can I send camera pics in messages as all my details on? Tried but would not allow to transfer from my photos?
  4. Yes I did but the Judge wanted Moneyways solicitors to get all the correct monies paid in order as everything they were quoting was wrong. Thats why he adjourned it I think. I never expected to even be going back to Court having nearly settled the agreement. It feels like the solicitors abused the position.
  5. I done what was suggested which kept the wolfs from the door and continued to pay monies. I was then served with a summons and attended Court but the Judge did not do a time order as the solicitors did not have all the correct payments made to Moneyway . The Judge then adjourned it and I had to send in a witness statement and offer which was accepted and I have been paying the last 3 months with 2 more payments to go. Then this order dropped through the post yesterday as I was totally unaware of a second hearing. That is why I am in a panic as I do not understand the order. Do I just pay the last 2 payments as before ? But the costs one has only given me 21 days to pay. The claimants solicitors re adjusted the outstanding balance to £1074.14p and accepted my offer of £200 a month.
  6. Yes to the tee and no problems up until the Court hearing and even then went well as I have still been paying but Moneyway never kept their solicitors updated.
  7. Sorry as this is the continuation of that original thread. On the 3rd August 2021 I received an order from the Court that I should appear in person and seek a suspended order. I attended but the hearing was held using a conference call. The Claimants solicitors did not have all the relevant details of monies paid and mislead the Judge to the point where I stated all monies paid. The Judge adjourned the hearing for 21 days in which time I had to file and serve a witness statement as I had made an offer during the hearing. I did this and the Solicitors agreed to £200 a month as the total outstanding was £1074.14p I have paid 3 payments since and there is a balance left of £430. I then received an order yesterday as laid out as above. I could not believe I was not notified of the hearing and do not understand what the order means as I have stuck to the agreed agreement and in fact will pay in full before due. It also appears I have added costs and 21 days to pay and ask if the 21 days starts from yesterday 29th November when order received? Any help welcome in explaining the order as the section 4 has alarm bells ringing in my ears. Thank you
  8. Received a court order today but had no idea it was being heard. It reads as 4 orders 1) return of goods/vehicle suspended on payment of agreed sum in monthly instalments. 2) Money judgement adjourned generally with liberty to restore. 3) The Def pays the Claimants costs within 21 days. 4) The Claimant by its servants or agents be permitted to enter premises kept to effect recovery. section 92 of consumer act. At original hearing claimants lied about amount outstanding and court adjourned. An agreement was reached and monthly monies paid as agreed and only 2 payments left. The order shows as 3 which again shows claimants lied yet again but got this order without me having any knowledge of any hearing as I didn't thing there would be one having stuck 100% to the agreement. I cannot understand the order at all as only £400 outstanding and car valued at £8000. Please any advice Thank you
  9. Yes I did have 2 cards but gave them up 3 or 4 years ago. The £290 claim I did have some papers arrive but sent back as never received anything before. So that is why it says that. They just kept upping the limit and just paying minimum+ was getting nowhere.
  10. Just received the first Lowell one yesterday with a bunch of Christmas cards and the second was the one I posted. I still do not know what DCA stands for please? letters.pdf
  11. I always thought that credit cards were unsecured debts? If a CCJ were made can Bailiff's then be used?
  12. No not at all but still having problems with Royal Mail as they have us listed wrong as they changed it for some unknown reason a few years ago. Our mail has been bad for at least the last 3 years.
  13. I have received a Lowells letter which is from someone who says they are the handler of my account with Lowells. They have attached a copy of agreement, default notice. ' It states that their client has now issued legal proceedings against me that could lead to a County Court judgement being entered against me. To avoid the following I can pay a lump sum of £290 or £405.88 in 6 monthly payments. There is a copy of a capital One statement that says I am £72 over limit and a default notice issued dated 3/4/17 and another dated 6/5/17 stating I owe £297 in total. If I pay the £290 is this finished?
  14. I do not know if this is OK to post but who are Lowells and what is a DCA. I ask as I have a letter from them saying I owe them £475 or £290 if I pay now from an old capital one card. I think they are also after payments from SKY and Virgin who I cancelled years ago as they broke the contract and over charged as I agreed only to a fixed rate. The Capital one they want to take me to County Court. Should I be worried?
  15. Sorry for delay but personal issues to deal with. I cannot believe that as that is exactly who phoned? Will do that now, thanks.
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