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  1. lancer44k

    NHS Debt

    Thanks for the reply Maxman. I may have gotten my dates wrong, I'm going to go and pull the invoice that they sent to double check. Myself and my wife definitely can't remember signing anything relating to ongoing storage charges, or charges relating to any future services provided as a private patient. Thanks
  2. lancer44k

    NHS Debt

    Thanks Andy
  3. lancer44k

    NHS Debt

    Hi Andy, Many thanks for taking the time to reply. If I remember correctly, you helped me out back in 2013... wow, seems like yesterday, how time flies! What do you think I should be asking the Trust for in terms of documentation? Thanks
  4. lancer44k

    NHS Debt

    Hi Been a little while since I last posted on here, so not sure if this is in the correct sub. My wife and I went through a two fully-funded (by the local NHS trust) cycles of IVF back in 2014 resulting in the birth of our beautiful baby girl in 2015. At the time, we were asked if we would like to retain the additional embryos for a ten year period (the maximum allowed I believe under HEFA rules) and at the time I recall ticking the box for 10 year storage on the HEFA form. All is well, until I received a letter (actually, its in my wife's name and there is no mention of me) back in March from our local trust with an invoice demanding payment of £230 for the storage for 2016-2017 and then an additional invoice for £360 for the storage between 2018-2019. I phoned the trust's accounts department who explained that after the initial treatment, the storage of embryos moves to a private patient plan. They informed me that at the time of agreeing to the storage I would have signed a copy of private patient agreement with an outline of the charges etc and in effect agreeing to the storage etc. At the time, I couldn't recall signing anything other than the HEFA form and didn't remember seeing any charges etc. I asked for a copy of the form agreeing to the private storage and then left it in their hands. They called back around a week later after speaking with the clinic to inform me that they couldn't find any record of the form other than the original HEFA form. They told me not to worry about the charges and they would check archives again. Heard nothing back, until I received a letter today from CCI Credit Management for the full amount above. Just looking for advice on the best way to tackle this? The letter specifically mentions dealing with the DRA from this point forward. What should I be asking for in terms of seeing if this debt is enforceable? It also throws up a bit of a grey area, as from my understanding, even if the debt isn't paid or we don't agree to the charges, they can't destroy the embryos without getting court approval (please correct me if I'm wrong on this one). Many thanks in advance. Lancer44k
  5. Just an update on this one. Mediation went well, and myself and 1st Stop reached an agreement that was amicable for both parties. Thanks for your support Andy, and everyone else that chipped in on the tread. I would advise anyone to take up the mediation option - the mediator was fantastic = - professional, courteous and a credit to the Courts. Regards Lancer
  6. Update Just a quick update. Called the local court and they passed me on to the district mediator. Went to voicemail so dropped her an email. Promptly got back with an appointment on the 8th July I'm hoping we can sort at mediation. What's your thoughts on his Andy? Cheers Lancer
  7. Sorry was unable to communicate via PM. Have you opened a thread? Cheers Lancer
  8. @R_Whites. Sorry didn't see you had posted on the thread, I wasn't being ignorant Please see my update above. Regards Lancer
  9. Just an update on this one. Heard nothing from the court or mediation since 30th April. Received a letter from my local court today informing me the case has been transferred to them for allocation and to stand by for further info. Going to call tomorrow to find out what happened to the mediation process. I'm thinking the other side may have pulled out due to the length of time its taking? Regards Lancer
  10. Hi Andy, Quick update. Called the court today as I haven't heard anything from the court or 1st. Court informed me that they have received both AQs and a mediator will call in due course? I take it by this it's gone straight to mediation and my points on the AQ under 'other information' have been disregarded?
  11. Thanks for the info Andy. I've now submitted by N149 and sent a copy to the Claimant. Received nothing from them though No surprise there... I want to try and bring this to an end sooner, rather than later. I am looking at making them an offer before mediation to see if they will accept. Should I use the standard template letter for a F&F within the CAG Library? I have been reading around this a bit, but the only thing I can seem to find is in relation to part 36. Is this the way to go, or can I use a standard letter template? Thanks Lancer
  12. Hi Andy, Hope you are well. Just working on my section G for my AQ as we speak. I have a couple of questions which I hope you don't mind answering. 1) I know there is no mention to any documents in the POC, and as such no CPR request was issued. Should I be requesting documents using a Draft Order for Directions, or does the section G you wrote above cover this? Will they have to provide me copies of the documents that they will be relying on before taking this to mediation? 2) Should I make any reference to changing my defence if they provide a a revised POC, and will I have a chance to change this before the hearing if they decide against mediation? Thanks Lancer
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