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  1. hi all i need your help i moved into my new property in November last year and been getting letters from excel civil enforcement for the old owner, i have been sending them back return to sender. I came home from work yesterday at 9 last night and my car was not on my drive, i went inside and see a letter from excel saying that they removed the car to cover the debt. when i called to number on the letter explained that i was not the person on the court order and that he removed my car illegally and wanted it back if not i would call the police and have him arrested for theft. he then told me that because the car was at the drive and the address was on his order so he can remove the car. i offered to email proof of who i was to his office he refused and said if i did not pay him the money of £1500 plus holding cost the car would be sent to auction. which then he hung up This morning i called the court and explained to them what happened who where no help all they would say is that the debt was out of their hands and i would have to deal with the bailiff company. i dont know what to do can anyone please help me
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