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  1. no, there wasnt ivolved police. but if i dont have to pay now because im under the age, maybe i will have to pay when im 18? and even more because the price goes up.
  2. They told me that it is criminal record. and yeah, security know my age. they didnt ask me to sign anything, just write down the address, name, surname, date of birth, no they didnt ask anything about parents
  3. and i know, i would never steal anything else in my life. i dont know what happened to me in that day why did i even take them (((
  4. so I should just ignore them? but they told me if i dont pay - the next thing will be - court. and also they said - if i dont pay, from 200 gonna be 300, 400, 500...
  5. Im 16 years old, i needed a new shoes for school but my parents didn't give money to me, so i decided to go to primark and steal them. When i walked out with the shoes, security guys told me to come with them, they said that i have to wait for RLP letter and i will have to pay 125-180 pounds for 6pound shoes. What should I do? do I have to pay it? What will happen if i will ignore them?
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