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  1. I have paid the garage as I needed the van and I didn't see why the garage owner should have to wait for his money.The warranty was included in the price I paid to Leeds leisure - all their vehicles have this warranty.
  2. The story so far: I bought a Toyota Hiace campervan on 1/11/12 from Leeds leisure It is R reg,had 107415miles on the clock and had been converted from a panel van by them. I paid £6195 for it. The van had a 12months warranty and as the bodywork was in good condition I thought I was safe.There was a cupboard door to put on so I left the van with them for a week while the work was done. After the van was picked up it started to rain and I discovered the roof vent was leaking so back it went for a repair. I live in the North of Scotland and had to go home by this time. The van was in Leeds Leisure for another fortnight until I could get back. I collected the van and set off for home. By the time I got to Glasgow it had developed a whine in the gearbox so took it into a garage there. The chap at the garage told me the gearbox had failed and probably wouldnt get me back to Leeds. I phoned Leeds to let them know what had happened and was told to get on to the warranty people - which I did only to be told that as the oil had leaked out it wasnt covered by the warranty. I phoned Leeds Leisure and was told -not to worry,they wouldn't leave me in the lurch they would source another gearbox. Weeks went past with numerous phone calls to Leeds Leisure each time was fobbed off with excuses and nothing was done. Eventually I offered to pay half the cost of a reconditioned gearbox in order to get things moving. They agreed to this -promising to pay the rest of the bill. More phone calls -no gearbox forthcoming - in spite of them phoning the garage to get the failed gearbox crated up. More weeks went past Leeds Leisure admitted they hadn't found a reconditioned gearbox and asked me to tell the Glasgow garage owner to get the gearbox reconditioned and complete the repair. The repair cost £1197.30, the reconditioned gearbox was £850 of which I had offered to pay half,£425, leaving £772.30 to be paid by leeds leisure. To date they haven't paid. Each time I ring they assure me they will pay but giving ridiculous reasons why they havent, short staff, someone forgot,lost my bank details etc etc. I inspected the van thouroughly before I bought it,and there was no oil leak. It is likely that there was no oil in it to start with, which should have been one of those multiple checks they brag about. And I discovered, just to add insult to injury, the fridge doesnt work either.
  3. Has anyone else apart from Myself and BrianM had any problems with Leeds Leisure vehicles? I bought a Toyota campervan from them in Nov 2012 and it didnt even get me home when the gearbox went. Even though they assured me they would take care of the bill there has been no payment and it is becoming increasingly obvious they have no intention of paying.
  4. You are not the only one to have trouble with Leeds Leisure vehicles. I bought a campervan from them 1/11/12 and on my way home to the North of scotland the gearbox developed a whine. I'd got nearly to Glasgow and put it into a garage.The proprietor told me the geabox had failed. When I phoned Leeds Leisure I was told not to worry and they would sort it. Many phone calls later in spite of promises that they would pay for it nothing has been done. They promise the earth but never deliver. They have kept me hanging on waiting for them to pay the garage bill in spite of me offering to pay half of the cost of a reconditioned gearbox in order to get things moving. Stay clear of this firm. Their claims of superb second to none aftersales service are so much hot air.
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